935 & 936
Original -- Jul 20/21, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 25/26, 1998
Joe Bugner (Ivan Mann)
Brooke "Mikey" Anderson (Dee Dee Mann)
Faye Fogarty (Valmai Winters)
Farmer Trantor (Jon Darling)
Barry Baxter's voice (Kevin Golsby)
Mystery Caller (Noel Hodda)
This episode [part 2] was dedicated: In loving memory of Mark Moroney 1960 - 1992
[Mark, a stage manager on the show, died in a motorcycle accident]
Written by Carol Williams (part 1) and Sean Nash (part 2)
Produced by Peter R. Dodds and Robyn Sinclair
Executive Producer -- James Davern
Directed by Di Drew
Script Editor -- Margaret Morgan
Story -- Sue Ellis, Jo Horsburgh, and Andrew Kelly
Production Manager -- David Watts
Casting Director -- Libby Sharpe
Casting Assistant -- Babette Chick
Location Manager -- Peter Warman
Production Co-ordinator -- Laura May Alcock
Research & Technical Advice -- Jenni Wilks
Unit Production Assistant -- Justine Slater
Publicist -- Linda Ashby
Script Typist -- Joy Hill
Unit Publicist -- Georgie Brown
Production Secretary -- Zara Findlay
Script Assistant -- Margaret Wilson
Veterinary Advisor -- Robert Zammit
Studio Camera -- Michael Healey, Steven Fisher, and Rod Finlayson
Location Camera -- Glenn Steer
Lighting -- Paul Wootten
Technical Director -- Peter Youngman
Audio Director -- Kerrie Fraser
Boom -- Phil Jones
Dubbing Assistant -- Neil McIntosh
Videotape -- Nick Geracitano
Vision Mixer -- Jenny Fulton
Make Up -- Joanne Stevens
Wardrobe -- Amanda Bloomfield
Set Dresser -- Doug Kelly
Props Buyer -- Jane Parker
Standby Props -- Andrew Playford
Wrangler -- Gordon Finney
Staging -- Jools Depeche-Cradock
Floor Manager -- Andrew Merrifield
Assistant Floor Manager -- Bryan Rees
Director's Assistant -- Elizabeth Russell
Unit Co-ordinator -- Margi Muir
Set Designer -- Jane Wheeler
Art Director -- Steve Muir
Theme Music -- Mike Perjanik
Post Production by Custom Video Australia
Editor -- Robert Sneddon
Featherdale Wildlife Park
Ryde Hospital
Prince of Wales Children's Hospital
Hugo's bike supplied by Albion Cycles
The Children's Hospital, Camperdown (part 2 only)
Medical Gases Australia (part 2 only)
CIG Health Care (part 2 only)

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"Me and My Girl"
Bernice drives over a snake while picking up items for the jumble sale. It disappears and she thinks it slithered off to die. Unfortunately it didn't. Darcy is hung over. Frank is away. Esme is in Rome. Billy's away in Cairns visiting his grandparents. Everyone is trying to win tickets to the Barcelona Olympics. The club has a new temporary chef, Ivan Mann, an itinerent cook. His daughter, Dee Dee, likes to entertain the club patrons. Unknown to everyone, he is a jewel thief on the run and this is why he and Dee Dee are constantly moving. Terence learns he's getting a free trip for two to Barcelona, courtesy of a drug company, but Rosemary considers it a bribe and nags him into giving the trip up for the hospital raffle. Mrs. Winters arrives at the hospital in an obviously demented state. Harry, Kate, and another nurse manage to catch her long enough to give a sedative. They determine that she has a really bad urinary tract infection.

The hospital staff discover that Mrs. Winters can't stand up straight and the doctors have no clue what is causing it. Hugo and Darcy go for a picnic with Ivan and Dee Dee. Dee Dee and Hugo have a swimming race. She tries to impress Hugo by swimming under a log and gets trapped under it. Ivan manages to lift the heavy log and resuscitates her. She's coughing but he decides not to take her to the hospital. Bernice finds the snake while going through boxes and calls Tom to take care of it. He's not impressed. They don't find it so he leaves, with a box to take to the hospital. Unfortunately, the box contains the snake and he brings it back to Bernice, thinking it was a joke. When he finds out it wasn't, he throws the snake away. A picture of Harry and Kate taken at the Italian restaurant they went to the night before gives Harry the clue he needs to solve the riddle of what's affecting Mrs. Winters -- she has Pisa Syndrome, a reaction to the sedative they gave her, and they are able to cure her immediately.

The raffle draw is held and Hugo has the winning ticket. He can't decide who to take so he decides to raffle off the second ticket. Ivan returns home to find that Dee Dee is having trouble breathing. He takes her to the hospital to find out that she is suffering from secondary drowning. Harry and Kate decide to get away from town and go camping. Darcy volunteers Anna to replace Matt Tyler as Valley Vet. Tom is suspicious of Ivan and goes to talk to him at the hospital. Ivan agrees to talk to him after Dee Dee is out of danger. After much bickering, Kate and Harry reach the camp grounds. The ground is very muddy and when they stop the truck, they get bogged down. Harry gets out to push and gets covered in mud -- Kate stays inside the truck, safe from mosquitoes and mud. Tom talks to Ivan about the jewel robbery in Perth 12 years ago. Ivan won't admit to anything but lets slip an important (and unreleased) piece of information during their hypothetical discussion and Tom has to lock him up.

Bernice goes with Anna to the radio station but spends most of her time chatting up Barry Baxter -- they make a date. Darcy disguises her voice and makes a bogus call in to "Valley Vet". Anna also gets a disturbing call from a fan. She later gets a letter, she assumes from the same guy, and thinks she hears a prowler. She calls Tom to come check it out. Darcy admits to writing it as a prank. Ivan breaks out of jail and runs away with Dee Dee. He leaves the jewels behind, except for a brooch kept by Dee Dee. He throws that away when he finds it and Tom, in hot pursuit of them, runs over it, puncturing a tire. Mr. Trantor comes upon Kate and Harry and offers to pull them out with his tractor for a small fee ($100). Harry refuses but they still can't get themselves out. When Mr. Trantor returns, Kate decides to pay him, even when the price has doubled. She falls into the muck herself. In spite of the bad luck, bickering, and mud, Kate and Harry decide they still love each other. Hugo confronts Darcy about her excessive drinking and partying but she won't talk to him. The second Olympic ticket is raffled and Rosemary wins. Barry Baxter stands Bernice up.


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