933 & 934
Original -- Jul 13/14, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 23/24, 1998
Mark Lee (Paul Beardsley)
David Wood (Dr. John Smythe)
Veronica Akhurst (Female Announcer - voice over)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Terry Bader (Clifford)
Donna Chidgey (Wendy Swift)

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"Old Flames"
Terence and Harry are off to a medical conference in the tropics, where Terence is due to present his post-polio syndrome paper. Rosemary has gone over his speech and made some suggestions about how to jazz it up. Kate's been in Melbourne for a week and she and Harry still haven't had their big talk. Paul Beardsley is the locum brought in to cover for the doctors but Terence has also arranged for another doctor to be on call in case of the need for surgery. Bernice doesn't recognize Paul at first but he remember her and teases her with tantalizing hints. Anna is trying to build Billy's cubby house. She won't let Billy help because he might get hurt. Tom offers to help but she wants to do it herself. At the Club, Esme complains to Paul about her various aches and pains. He's already been warned that she's a bit of a hypochondriac so he tells her he's off duty and to make an appointment in the morning if they're still bothering her. Darcy, as always, has decided to make a play for him.

Harry's not looking forward to the conference. Terence has to pick him up at the hospital because they are running late and Harry is so busy complaining that he doesn't even see Kate wave as she goes past in a cab. Bernice finally finds out she met Paul 10 years ago, in India. At the conference, Terence wakes up to water dripping on his face and jumps out of bed to find that the floors are covered in a layer of water. Cyclone Wally has struck and Harry is forced to move into Terence's hotel room because his is completely flooded. Neither are impressed. Esme comes in to see Paul the next day. He diagnoses her stomach pains as wind and neglects to do any kind of a physical examination. Tom brings a sick horse for Anna to look at -- he's babysitting it. While Anna is looking at her, Tom and Billy tackle the cubby house. Esme comes to the hospital with debilitating stomach pains. Rosemary calls Paul in to look at her but he initially refuses. Kate and Rosemary insist.

The bed in Terence's hotel room won't shut off. Harry is going stir crazy cooped up inside. Rosemary thinks that Esme has acute appendicitis but Paul wants to wait for blood tests. Rosemary doesn't think there's time and wants to call in the surgical on-call. Paul insists on performing the exploratory surgery himself and, since time is of the essence, Rosemary agrees. Anna is upset with Tom for taking over the cubby house project. The exploratory surgery shows that Esme does indeed have appendicitis. The medical conference is cancelled and the airport is closed because of the weather. Terence wants Harry to call someone to come fix the vibrating bed but Harry doesn't think it's such a good idea -- it was bad enough when he moved in with Terence, let alone let them know the vibrating bed won't stop (what would people think?). Terence tries to call Rosemary and learns she's in theatre with Esme. Harry manages to fix the bed somehow. Billy really enjoys helping out with the cubby house. Tom isn't watching closely enough, though, and Billy hits his thumb with a hammer. Anna is not pleased.

Paul neglects to give Esme any post-op consultation, which angers Rosemary and Kate. Esme doesn't want to make a fuss. Paul and Darcy upset Bernice dinner plans by going out themselves. Bernice is not too happy with the idea but Darcy, as usual, is nauseatingly giddy about it. Terence and Harry finally get word that the airport is open and they are booked on the first flight out in the morning. Harry throws open the door in joy at the news and the wind blows the pages of Terence's carefully crafted, "perfect" speech onto the wet floor, ruining it. Billy finally moves into his cubby house, amid drum rolls and ribbon cutting. Esme is very nauseous and Paul still hasn't been in to see her since the operation. Rosemary is worried. Paul kisses Darcy the morning after their dinner but they are interrupted by Bernice with news that he's wanted back at the hospital. Terence gets there before him. Terence obviously knows something about Paul that he won't share with Rosemary and she's upset about this. Harry tries to talk to Kate and can't get her alone so they arrange to meet for dinner. Terence talks to Paul about his treatment of Esme. Perce goes into town to visit Esme. Paul talks to Bernice about Darcy and the kiss.

The horse that Anna treated the day before comes back to Anna -- obviously a gate was left open by you-know-who. Rosemary increases obs on Esme to half hourly "on instinct", even though Terence thinks it's excessive. Paul moves out of the farm and Darcy accuses Bernice of driving him away because she was jealous. Esme still has a fever and is experiencing sever abdominal pain. Terence is going to have to go in for another look and wants Paul to be in theatre too. Clifford, he new cook at the club (who has a speech impediment) is love sick and Hugo decides to boost his confidence enough so that he can ask his love, Clarice, to marry him. Paul gives Darcy the brush off and she thinks Bernice is to blame. Bernice gets angry and smashes a mirror then tells Darcy all about her past relationship with Paul. Tom tries to maneuver the horse onto a horse float but is not having much luck. Anna gives the horse a slap on the hind quarters and she moves up onto the float....Tom ends up in the mud. It is then that Anna notices that there is bloody discharge coming from the horse and Tom has to back the horse out of the float. Anna determines that the horse has just aborted a 20-week-old fetus (caused by the infection she got from the cut before Anna treated her).

Tom gets a call from his wife -- she wants to sell their flat in Sydney to help finance her new career. Perce is giving a hand behind the bar while Hugo gives Clifford pointers. Terence has to remove part of Esme's large intestine because of a tear that occurred during her earlier surgery. Paul leaves the operation early and everyone there agrees that his medical career is over. The surgery goes well and Esme begins to recover nicely. Wendy, the barmaid, chats up Clifford. Paul confides in Bernice that he hates being a doctor. Harry asks Terence to stay away from Camelot so that he and Kate can have a romantic dinner. Clifford asks Wendy to marry him and she says yes...Hugo thinks he's just rehearsing before he asks Clarice but he's serious. They head off to Kakadu. Paul apologizes to Esme and she graciously decides not to pursue the matter. Perce brings more flowers to Esme. Kate comes to Camelot and she and Harry declare their love before fooling around.


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