931 & 932
Original -- Jul 6/7, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 19/20, 1998
Paul Ambrosoli (Race Caller -- voice over)
Bill Ledingham (DJ -- voice over)
Ron Blanchard (Lennie Sawyer)
Pauline Devereaux (Sister Temple)

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"The Odds Against"
[this was a rather spooky episode, with weird music and odd camera shots that seemed to point to something sinister about to happen to Kate]

Hugo presses Tom for a tip in the horse races but Tom won't oblige. There are reports of a brumby horse in the area and Tom decides to investigate. Frank recommends going in on horseback. Frank is very crabby. Terence is bored with sick leave. The clinic is very busy. Anna is planning a surprise cubby house for Billy and leaves him with Bernice to go get the supplies. Billy starts reading Bernice's I Ching book and starts pestering her about it until she teaches him. Hugo wins $50 on the races and Frank warns him not to get suckered in. Anna stops to refasten the bungee cord holding the lumber to the top of her car and the other side of the cord slips while she is pulling on it, striking her in the forehead. Kate offers to come with Tom to look for the brumby. Esme tells them the story of Connor McCray and the legend of Hanging Tree Hollow.

Terence suddenly realizes why Frank is so cranky -- it's Frank and Shirl's anniversary. Kate invites Anna to come along with her and Tom so Bernice agrees to continue looking after Billy. Terence gives Frank a note that Shirl gave him when she thought she had cancer. The letter outlines four tasks for Frank to perform on the first anniversary after Shirl's death. As task #1, Frank invites Terence and Rosemary to dinner ("dinner with friends"). Hugo gets caught up in betting. Darcy sets Billy up at the computer playing games to keep him occupied. Anna keeps imagining hoof beats. Harry complains about being so busy. Billy worries that something has happened Anna. Mr. Kelly is spooked and throws Kate, though she's not hurt. At the same time, Harry spills water on Rosemary's desk and onto a notebook with Kate's name written on it, causing the red ink to run. Frank's second task is to dance with a beautiful woman so he dances with Rosemary after dinner.

Kate finds Mr. Kelly and accidentally slides down a hill. The fall injures her and she is subsequently struck by a rock which injures her further. Anna decides to ride out to get help, since she is the better rider. Tom is left behind to look after Kate as well as he can. Frank's third task is to give Killer Burke a piece of his mind but this isn't necessary since he is no longer on the police force. Task #4 is to go to Kelly's Bluff and do something embarrassing (he won't tell Terence or Rosemary what that is). He puts on the last video he took of Shirley and talks to her -- he agrees to perform the final task. It's dark as Anna makes her way through the bush. Bernice tells Billy about the little boy she had after Amber. His name was Bobby and he died soon after birth. Tom does his best to keep Kate warm. Her leg hurts and she can't feel anything. Harry is worried about them and decides to go look for them. Frank goes to Kelly's Bluff in the morning and strips naked. He stands there at the edge and yells out "I'm a free spirit" several times, with increasing vigor, then quietly says "I know you are, Shirl".

Hugo is on a winning streak. He tells Frank about Harry going out to find Kate, Anna, and Tom. Darcy tries to talk to Bernice about Bobby. Harry comes upon Anna, who got lost trying to make her way through the unfamiliar bush. Harry takes her horse and instructs her to take his car back into town to get help. He gets after her for leaving Tom there when Anna was the medical person. Anna is understandably upset. Darcy is having to go to the toilet too often and Bernice is concerned. A rescue team is put together. Harry finds Tom and Kate. Her leg is bleeding internally. Terence is called in to perform the vascular surgery on her leg because all other doctors are unavailable. Frank tells Hugo to put his money in the bank and Esme asks him to place a bet for her on the way (Georgia's Decade, the horse that won Bob all that money). Harry is frantic about Kate's surgery but it all goes well. Georgia's Decade loses and Hugo is despondent -- he placed all his previous winnings on the horse and lost everything.

Hugo gets a sure win tip from Lennie Sawyer who also tells him that Shorty Price will give him credit. Tom comes in to check on Kate and is pushed aside by a very curt Harry. Darcy sees Terence and learns she has cystitis [also known as the very common and very unpleasant urinary tract infection]. Bernice thought for sure she was going to be a grandmother and tells Darcy to use a condom next time. Darcy is upset at this assumption because she hasn't been sexually active [there are many non-sexual ways to contract a UTI]. Harry is short tempered with everyone. Darcy brings Frank some incense for his and Shirl's anniversary and talks to him about Bernice. Hugo's horse loses and he's in debt to Shorty Price. Harry sits by Kate's bedside. He blows up at Tom because Tom didn't bring Mr. Kelly back with him (he couldn't find him). Kate overhears. Harry goes to find Mr. Kelly.

Darcy talks to Bernice again about Bobby. Bernice felt guilty after he died, because she'd been doing drugs, and so she left the family. Tom talks to Kate about Harry. Harry finds Mr. Kelly...he's hurt. Anna finds them both. As they are leaving, they see the brumby horse. Harry apologizes to Terence for being so critical during the operation. Tom arrives with flowers for Kate and Harry apologizes to him as well. Tom accepts the apology and gives the flowers to Harry to give to Kate. Frank arranges a three-month payment plan with Shorty Price for Hugo. Harry tries to have a heart to heart talk with Kate about their true feelings but they are interrupted by Frank and Bernice.


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