929 & 930
Original -- Jun 29/30, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 17/18, 1998
Paul Williams (Glenn Garrison)
Robert Hensley (Tommo Tickson)
Charito Ortez (Mrs. Chan)
Salvatore Coco (Howie Scott)
Gwen Plumb (Morna Peacock)

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"The Contender"
Hugo lets Darcy ride his bike and she almost runs down a jogger before veering off the road and into the ditch. The jogger is very concerned about her welfare, which is more than can be said for Hugo who is more worried about his precious bike. Terence's physiotherapist, Mrs. Chan, is driven out of Camelot by his temper. He makes a very poor patient. A boxing ring has been set up in the Lodge for an exhibition bout and Hugo works out some of his frustrations there. Two young fellas, Howie and Craig, are treated at the hospital after a fist fight. The hospital is busy with Terence on sick leave but Rosemary won't call in a locum. In addition to the exhibition bout, Tom will also be holding boxing lessons there and recommends that the boys let out their aggressions there. Harry objects to boxing, period.

Anna treats one of the Hudson cows for hypocalcemia. Bernice's two farm guests storm out of the house and leave after deciding that the accommodations and ambience were not up to standard. Hugo is introduced to the jogger Darcy almost mowed down. His name is Glenn Garrison and he is an amateur boxer, in town for the exhibition bout. Darcy isn't impressed by the concept of two men fighting it out in a ring. Bernice decides to give Rainbow Farm some ambience and "antiques" some furniture by pouring tea on it and hitting it with chains. She has a brainstorm to try to get the National Trust interested in the place. Darcy is interested in Glenn [big surprise there!]. She talks to Hugo about his betting. Tommo Tickson hits on Darcy at the Club and insults Glenn so Glenn punches him.

Bernice is distressed to learn that Esme is head of the Historical Society. Terence is insulted by the comfy recliner chair the hospital staff has had installed in the break room. Glenn's opponent, John Norton, has to bow out of the bout because of a hurt hand and Hugo volunteers to take his place. Ever since they met on the roadway, they've spoiling for a fight. Bernice invites Esme to inspect the house and greets her wearing historical garb. She points out a carving that reads "BH 61" on a pillar in the barn and leads Esme to believe it could refer to Ben Hall having been there in 1861 [Ben Hall was an infamous bushranger who was killed in 1865; he was an outlaw kind of like Robin Hood]. Hugo trains for the boxing match. Harry has a fit when he finds out that Hugo will be fighting Glenn. Darcy sees the carving in the barn and realizes that it stands for Bernice Hudson 1961, not Ben Hall. Esme can't refute the claim until she see a photo taken in the barn prior to 1961 and sees that the carving is not there...the inspection is over.

Tom wants Harry to attend the bout as medical help but Harry refuses, saying that the AMA has a general recommendation that its members not attend bouts. Terence decides to write a paper about a doctor's experience with PPS. The boxing match is cancelled because of lack of medical support but Hugo and Glenn decide to go at it alone. Terence agrees with Harry decision not to sanction the fight. Darcy arrives at the Lodge in time to see the fight going on. Tom brings Billy home a little roughed up -- Billy wants to learn to box. Anna thinks he's being beaten up at school. She sees him hitting George and gets after him for being cruel. Hugo is getting the stuffing beat out of him but won't give up so the fight continues. Kate tries to use Dog as therapy for a terminally ill patient, Mrs. Peacock, but Mrs. Peacock thinks it's unhygienic. Tom arrives at the Lodge and yells at Glenn and Hugo to stop fighting -- Glenn stops immediately but Hugo doesn't hear Tom and throws one last punch, getting Glenn in the eye.

Anna talks to Billy about dealing with bullies (she's reading "The Difficult Child"). Harry examines Glenn's eyes and covers them both up. There is bleeding inside the eye that Hugo hit -- Harry blames Tom. Glenn removes the bandage over his "good" eye and goes to the gym. Terence is bored being on sick leave so Rosemary sets him to work fixing the sink in the break room and doing paperwork. Anna finds a note in Billy's book bag. Anna's not pleased to find out that Billy is the bully. At the gym, Glenn removes the patch from his other eye. He starts to hallucinate that he's in a boxing match and strikes out, hitting Tom, who's trying to help him. Darcy and Tom make him lie still on the mat. Anna visits Billy's teacher, Miss Spicer, and returns home irate because the teacher told her off. George nips at Billy. Terence competes his tasks and also fixes a drawer in the lounge. Rosemary sends him home to fix a faulty tap in her apartment -- there's wine for later. Hugo apologizes to Glenn who forgives him. Mrs. Peacock has a change of heart about Dog and keeps her from getting into trouble with the hospital staff.

Glenn has a detached retina and must go to Sydney for surgery. He'll never be able to box again. Darcy talks to Bernice about the fight and Bernice explains how Hugo is probably feeling to Darcy. Dog hides with Mrs. Peacock. Mrs. Peacock experiences a sudden great pain. Anna talks to Bernice about Billy and Bernice recommends that Anna get Billy involved in something constructive. He seems interested in horseriding and she agrees. Darcy visits Glenn. He still wants to box. Dog starts howling and the nurses rush in to find that Mrs. Peacock has passed away. Tom brings Glenn his gloves and Harry blasts Tom for doing so. He threatens to ring the amateur boxing association but Tom's already done that. Tom and Kate had arranged to have dinner at the club before heading off to Burrigan but he loses track of the time. It wasn't a date but Kate still dressed up for it -- she finds him in the club arguing with Harry while Bernice and Anna watch in amusement. She "dumps" him.


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