927 & 928
Original -- Jun 22/23, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 13/16, 1998
Peter Stonham (Joshua Talbot)
David Brown (Mr. Peel)
Jill Brown (Mrs. Talbot)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Fred Walsh (Eric McKeever)
Stephen Leeder (Michael Robinson)

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"A Little Knowledge"
Terence trips over Ruby and hurts his back. Though it obviously hurts, he won't let Harry take a look at him. Anna has to treat a dog named Beauty who is in a less than well groomed state (matted hair, infestations, etc.). While Anna is lecturing Beauty's owner, Mr. Peel, Billy arrives home with a letter from the school nurse informing Anna that Billy has head lice. Billy is thrilled with the idea [as only little boys can be] but Anna is not. Joshua Talbot returns from Sydney where he had undergone surgery on his leg. He is an avid drawer but won't show anyone his drawings. Dog's obedience class finished today and, since she failed (can't seem to Stay), she won't be able to continue working at the hospital. Terence tells Joshua that he will have to stay in hospital for another 3 months. He looks at Joshua's artwork and offers some pointers. Joshua falls out of bed trying to reach his sketch pad and the hospital staff rush in to find Terence on the floor trying to prop Joshua up. They get Joshua back into bed without too much trouble but Terence is obviously still in a great deal of pain. Rosemary wants him to take a few days off but he refuses.

Frank, Hugo, and Darcy make a last ditch effort to teach Dog to Stay...it doesn't go well. Terence is reading up on something at the clinic. He gives Bernice a blood specimen to be sent out for testing, supposedly for a Mr. McConochie but she sees a cotton swab fall from his arm. There's no Mr. McConochie in their database. Anna leaves Billy alone at the house for what she believes will only be a few minutes -- Darcy is due to arrive any time. Darcy, unfortunately, is delayed and Billy decides to clean up Beauty on his own, thinking that he gave her his lice. Terence decides to allow Harry to perform some surgeries...Harry is thrilled. Rosemary talks to Terence about his back and he tells her he's made an appointment in Burrigan for tomorrow. Anna is angry when she arrives home to see what Billy's done to Beauty (he's given her a bit of a lopsided trim). Harry impressed Dr. John Smythe, the anaesthetist from Burrigan, with his surgical skills. Joshua is unhappy that Terence hasn't been in to see him (he thinks Terence hates him). Tom finally got rid of Precious. At the Club, Frank, Hugo, and Darcy finally learn that Dog responds to the word Freeze, not Stay, and is actually quite well trained -- her original owner was a burglar. She passes her class and is officially made a hospital pet.

"Mr. McConochie's" results come back and are OK. Anna talks to Billy about Beauty and how people can't give animals lice. They decide to turn Beauty's disastrous trim into a fashion statement. Terence tells Harry and Rosemary that he's decided that he does indeed need some time off and that he's decided to retire. Rosemary invites Terence up to her apartment and is shocked and hurt when he tells her he thinks they should stop seeing each other. Mr. Peel is not pleased with Beauty's new hairdo and tells Anna he won't pay the bill (she's supposed to be a guard dog and he thinks she now looks like a sissy). Harry has a debate with Tom over the salary doctors earn versus the long hours they put in performing their duties. Harry obviously has Terence is mind as he's arguing. Harry wants to give Terence an checkup. He and Rosemary go to talk to Terence and Bernice tells them about the test results.

Darcy is overwhelmed by a sudden influx of requests for the "free haircuts with every checkup" offer (the offer was supposed to be free bathing with every checkup). Rosemary visits Terence at Camelot and he tells her that he thinks he's suffering from Post Polio Syndrome. He tells of the year he spent in bed as a child, suffering from the effects of polio. Joshua doesn't want Dog visiting him. The hospital struggles on without Terence or Rosemary as Rosemary researches Post Polio Syndrome. At the club, Tom is checking the racing forms but Hugo prefers to go by instinct. Later on, Tom tries to stop a man who is trying to "park" his horse at a parking meter but is taken down a peg or two when he's informed that a local government ordinance allows anyone to park their horse at a meter if they have the money. Rosemary tells Harry about Terence. Together, they go visit Terence to talk to him about the PPS. Terence gets after Rosemary for blabbing and she later returns to tell him how offended she was.

Hugo learns that Tom's method for picking race winners is a good one, except that Tom doesn't bet any money. Tom talks to Frank about the fella on the horse and learns that it was Eric "Podge" McKeever,a retired policeman from Burrigan. Frank recommends that Tom learn to ride a horse if he wants to get on equal footing with Podge. Bernice teases Perce about Esme, whom he sticks up for. Darcy convinces Perce to ask Esme over for dinner. Esme speaks her mind to Terence about how he's been behaving. Joshua is still upset that Terence won't visit him (and about having to stay in the hospital for 3 months). Tom goes to Anna's to ride a horse. When she learns he hasn't been on a horse since he was 6, she recommends he get lessons from Kate. Darcy helps Perce prepare the dinner and leaves, promising to keep Bernice occupied at the club, just after Esme arrives. She and Perce have a nice time.

Harry consults with Terence on some of his patients. He tells Terence about Joshua refusing to do his physio so Terence comes in to have a chat with him. He offers Joshua more art tips and tells him about his own experiences being bedridden with polio...this helps Joshua realize that someone else understands his frustration at not being able to get out of bed. Kate gives Tom some riding lessons and he falls off the horse. Harry refers Terence to Michael Robinson, a neurologist in Burrigan. He wants to do a CAT scan and spinal exam. Perce brings Esme some flowers and a bottle of sweet sherry as a pick-me-up. Billy teases Anna about really liking Tom as Tom gets another riding lesson. Terence talks to Rosemary and tries to apologize to her but she's not very accommodating. The test results come in quickly and PPS is confirmed. Terence has to make some lifestyle changes but has decided not to retire.


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