925 & 926
Original -- Jun 15/16, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 11/12, 1998
Danny Adcock (Antec Strzelecki)
Jasbir Ahluwalia (Mr. Singh, the shopkeeper)
Peter Damien-Hayes (AA chairperson)

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It's been 2 weeks since Shirley's death. The Muldoon wing is being renamed "The Shirley Gilroy Wing" in her honour. There is an article about Hugo (and his supposed family history) in the local paper. The article is picked up by the city papers where it comes to the attention of Hugo's father, Antec Strzelecki, and he arrives in Wandin Valley to confront Hugo. Kate has problems with a boil on her rear end. Billy's been shoplifting odd items from a store. Hugo is not happy to see his father and they argue a lot. Kate invites Antec to stay with them. Antec has a drinking problem and this is partly why Hugo resents him. He wants Hugo to come home to become a pastry cook like him and Hugo has higher goals (namely the Tour de France).

Frank is not dealing well with Shirl's absence. Esme is worried about him. Billy shows Anna the stuff he's stolen and why -- each item reminds him of his parents. Anna gives him a picture of them to put in a frame so he won't forget what they look like. Kate learns that Antec has heart problems and is taking medication. Hugo tries to get his father arrested when he causes a drunken disturbance at the club but Tom deposits him on the doorstep of the flat instead. Antec nevers goes inside, choosing instead to drink himself into a stupor in the park. Kate and Harry convince Hugo to go searching for him the next day and they take him to the hospital.

Something is killing Bernice's chooks. She decides to wait up with a shotgun and ends up shooting Dog. Anna is able to save Dog but now Darcy has to find a new home for her. Esme forces Frank to deal with his grief in a better way. Harry tries to help Kate paint her flat but ends up spilling paint all over her carpet. When he goes to the landlord to explain, the landlord tells him that Kate and Hugo have a week to clear out their stuff (luckily for Harry, Kate's occupied with getting her boil lanced when he breaks the news to her or he'd be a dead man).

Hugo learns how sick his father is and learns from his mother how badly the business is going. He convinces Antec to start going to AA meetings and Antec decides he wants Hugo to continue to work towards his dreams. Frank spreads Shirl's ashes on the garden, so she'll still be nearby. Dog begins training as a hospital pet and Kate becomes her guardian. Terence arranges for Kate to move into Frank's house, though Frank doesn't realize that he'll also be getting Hugo and Dog. Frank is pleased with the company.


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