921 & 922
Original -- Jun 1/2, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 5/6, 1998
Graham Harvey (Geoff Hutton)
Gary Down (Chris Graham)
Ari Mattes (James Hutton)
Anna North (Leanne Hewson)
Margo McLennan (Mrs. Barker)
Paul Sommer (Nick Masters)
Rhondda Findleton (Nancy Hutton)

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Billy makes friends with James Hutton at his new school, Burrigan Heights Progressive School. James gets hassled by other kids and he and Billy tend to get in trouble with the headmaster, Mr. Graham. James spends the weekend with Billy. Bernice is back in town and is making numerous herb planters shaped like bums. She gives one to Frank for the club. A new agency nurse, Leanne Hewson, is working at the hospital. She has a history of pethidine addiction and the rest of the staff are suspicious. One patient, Mrs. Barker, causes many problems for Leanne by claiming she never had her own pain killer injections but it turns out she is also addicted to the drugs. Leanne helps her come to terms with that.

James wets the bed and Billy tries to hide it by washing the clothes himself. James' budgie, Tyrone, dies and Anna secretly arranges for Tom to bring a new one to take its place. Bernice discovers marijuana seedlings in the mix she brought with her from Nimben and has to collect all the sold pots, including the one at the club. James is acting very oddly and tries to wrestle in the dark with Billy, prompting Billy to start fighting with him. Tom suspects that James is being sexually abused. Both Tom and James are having similar nightmares and it comes to light that Tom was abused as a child and this is why he recognizes all the signs. Tom tries to talk to James about it but James won't name the man involved. Tom gets Terence to come talk to James as well.

Hugo argues with Kate over her lousy housekeeping habits -- they arm wrestle for it and Kate cheats and wins. Frank thinks he has bowel cancer but a colonoscopy shows that it is just diverticulitis. Shirl is upset that Frank didn't tell her about his worries until it was over. Hugo challenges Harry to a race, bicycle against horse, and it ends in a draw. Terence and Tom talk to Nancy Hutton about their suspicions and the stress brings on a transient ischemic attack (TIA -- a mini stroke) and she is hospitalized. Geoff Hutton tells James he's responsible for his mom being ill, because he told. Nancy tells Geoff to go away. Tom tells James about his own experiences and James tells a social services counsellor everything. Tom arrests Geoff, who tries to use the excuse that it was what was done to him when he was young. Kate gets an attack of guilt and cleans (well, superficially, anyway -- she's stuffed things under cushions instead of puting them away).


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