919 & 920
Original -- May 25/26, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 3/4, 1998
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Peter Fisher (Sean Thomas)
Emma Skinner (Amber Thomas)
Andrew Perrott (Howie Gray)
Peter Carmody (Clarrie Rossiter)
Keith Holloway (Ian Catllin)
Jillian O'Dowd (Kylie Phillips)
Melissa Nicholls (Megan Phillips)

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"Sleeping Beauty"
Bernice makes some rather odd clay pots, shaped like butts. Her 16-year-old daughter (and Darcy's sister), Amber, stops in Wandin Valley on her way to Sydney with her boyfriend Howie. Kate is considering buying Rob McPherson's horse, Olivia. Billy sees a grey horse in the National Park and Kate and Harry go to find it. It plays games with them but they eventually catch it. Esme criticizes Hugo's croissants, triggering an all-out bakery war. Their initial "croissant bake off" results in a tie. They agree to a sudden death challenge -- Esme's lammingtons against Hugo's eclairs [the cinematography during these scenes is reminiscent of a Wild West gunfight showdown]. Anna finds out that the horse Kate and Harry found belongs to Clarrie Rossiter and is named Mr. Kelly. Clarrie bought him from the circus. Kate is smitten with him and, against everyone else's judgement, decides to buy him instead of Olivia. She and Anna unexpectedly find out that he can dance, making it obvious he was named for Gene Kelly and not Ned Kelly, the outlaw, as Harry supposed.

Amber wants a locket that belonged to her grandmother but Perce won't let her have it. She and Darcy argue incessantly about Amber going out on her own at such a young age. Darcy calls her father, Sean, to come down to the Valley but Howie and Amber leave before he gets there. Amber has a change of heart shortly after they leave but Howie's been drinking...the car crashes off the road, rolling over and killing Howie instantly. Amber is taken to the hospital in a coma. Tom notifies her family. At the hospital, Bernice, Darcy, and Sean are told that Amber is brain dead, not in a coma, but Darcy won't believe it. They have to decide whether to donate Amber's organs. Darcy is very against it but gradually comes to the realization that Amber truly is dead. Perce takes Amber's death very badly and tells Bernice it's all her fault. Darcy convinces him otherwise. After the operation to take her organs, Perce comes to the hospital to visit Amber and gives Bernice her mother's locket, the one Amber wanted.

The bake off is cancelled due to the tragedy. Someone leaves a baby on the doorstep at Camelot. Shirl, Esme, and Tom get the impression that the mother is still around so they trick her into showing herself. They arrange for the mother, Kylie Phillips, to get help. Ian Catlin, a no-nonsense farmer, brings his puppy Ben in to Anna after the puppy hurts himself. While there, Anna learns that the puppy is deaf. When she visits Mr. Catlin, she discovers that he's been feeding Ben pig feed, which contains an antibiotic to prevent pig and poultry parasites but causes deafness in dogs. Mr. Catlin is ready to shoot the puppy but Anna convinces him she can find it a home. Before she can, Mr. Catlin comes back and says his wife thinks they should keep the puppy to give to his son for his birthday.

Before they leave the Valley for Amber's funeral in Nimben, Bernice plants a bottlebrush tree in her memory. A new telephone exchange is being installed in the Valley (with direct-dial telephones), putting Bev out of a job. She doesn't take it well. After being driven from the exchange, she holes up in the ladies' loo at the club with her bagpipes. Terence has a new pager, which he wants to tinker with. Kate is attracted to Capt. Alex Neil, a very handsome ulcer patient at the hospital. She thinks he's an army captain but he's really in the Salvation Army...she's a little upset when she finds out. Frank gets Bev to become the new taxi driver.


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