915 & 916
Original -- May 11/12, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 28/29, 1998
Lynette Curran (Karen West)
Ben Fahy (Cameron West)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
Michael Kozuki (Yoshiyuki Matsushima)
Janice Oxenbould (Mrs. Jones)
Piers Gordon (Justin West)
David Nettheim (Peter West)
Jone Winchester (Mrs. Peabody)

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Darcy wants her mom to fill in for her at the clinic while she takes a stray puppy to the vet. Hugo is arranging a Blue Light disco. He's also managed to convince Community Services to spring for new workout equipment. Tom continually clashes with teenager Cameron West. Cameron's mom, Karen, is a new nurse's aide at the hospital. Terrence tries to examine a Japanese tourist, Mr. Matsushima, who speaks no English -- Bernice comes to the rescue by speaking to the man in passable Japanese. He has appendicitis. Fatso is having a flatulence problem, caused by the croissants Frank's been feeding him.

Darcy decides to apply for the vet assistant position with Anna but is told Hugo is first on the list. Anna recommends that the puppy be put down but Darcy and Billy emotionally blackmail her into helping. Herb Munro's sow is in labour and needs help -- Anna takes Darcy with her and between the two of them, they take care of everything (much to Herb's surprise). Anna offers Darcy the job after seeing her in action. Hugo convinces Frank to try his croissants on a trial basis. Cameron gets on Hugo's good side by assembling the gym equipment for him but then gets in trouble by "borrowing" Hugo's bike and wrecking it. Billy becomes attached to puppy and names him "George Gershwin", forcing Anna to keep him -- the Tyler Curse has struck again!! Bernice gets cosy with Mr. Matsushima. He proposes to her but she turns him down (she has the hots for Terence).

Karen West gets dizzy and is hospitalized with high blood pressure. The hospital staff call her husband to return from his business trip. It's the second anniversary of the death of their son, Justin. Darcy tells the doctors she's leaving their employ and Terence and Harry decide to hire Bernice as the new receptionist. Peter West arrives. Hugo tries to give Anna an invoice for his severance pay. Old Mrs. Peabody has a crush on Harry. Frank decides to put a condom machine in the ladies' loo and shocks Esme. Hugo decides to do the same at the Lodge and causes a major ruckus.

Peter, Karen, and Cameron finally talk about the death of Justin, who committed suicide...they discover that a diskette he left behind for Cameron was actually a goodbye note. Harry pays Hugo to allow the Muldoonites to attend the Blue Light disco and excorts Mrs. Peabody there. The condom machine is very popular with the older folk and Esme is even more shocked to find Ivy Clements headed in that direction. Bernice commandeers Terence for a dance while Rosemary glares.


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