913 & 914
Original -- May 4/5, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 26/27, 1998
Anne Looby (Anna Lacey)
Jamie Croft (Billy Moss)
Peter McAllum (Les Perkins)
Paul Jones (truckie)

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Anna Lacey, the new vet, arrives in Wandin Valley with her 8-year-old nephew, Billy Moss. Billy's parents were killed in a car accident but he doesn't believe it. Anna is not prepared to have become a sudden parent. Lightning becomes ill with a bowel obstruction and Anna is unable to save him. Kate blames her. Rosemary and Terence continue to bicker about work things but their personal relationship is blossoming. They do what they can to keep up the appearance in public that they are not involved.

Frank and Cookie are competing for customers -- Bob and Cookie have revamped the Magnoliavale Pub and renamed it the Magnoliavale Arms. Billy has recurring nightmares about the accident and they realize that he was actually there (the cicumstances at the time gave the impression he hadn't been so it came as a surprise to Anna). Tom stops Esme for speeding. Terence wants to keep Teddy Turner in the hospital after he grazes his leg but Rosemary won't hear of it. After Teddy opens the wound up again, she's forced to reconsider. Teddy's wife Alice died 9 or 10 months ago and Rosemary learns that Teddy's upset because it's almost his 50th anniversary. She and Terence decide to throw him an anniversary party to cheer him up.

Billy tries to run away to find his parents and comes across a dead possum, which he carries with him. Tom comes across him standing stunned in the middle of the road, in the throes of a flashback to the accident. Anna and Harry talk to him and finally make him realize that his parents are dead. Hugo develops a crush on Bernice but she lets him down gently...Darcy sees them kiss (platonically) and gets the wrong idea.


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