911 & 912
Original -- Apr 27/28, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 22/23, 1998
Gordon Piper (Bob Hatfield)
Syd Heylen (Cookie Locke)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Darren Gilshenan (Malcolm Fairfax)
Trent Lee (Kevin Thieu)

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"Travelling South"
Bernice is making herself at home. Rosemary wonders why Kate hasn't applied for Lucy's old job. Malcolm Fairfax, a new nurse, has. He is technically good but seriously lacking in bedside manners and social skills. Kevin Thieu is in hospital for dialysis and Kate clashes with Malcolm over his treatment of Kevin. She dresses him and Harry down for their attitudes and gets herself in trouble with Rosemary. Malcolm tries to force Rosemary to fire Kate but it backfires on him and he has to leave. Rosemary convinces Kate to apply for Lucy's job. The hospital is raffling off a brand new Vitara (looks like a Suzuki Sidekick or a Geo Tracker).

Bernice advertises Perce's farm as "Rainbow Farm" without his permission and he's not pleased. Bernice's self-obsession drives Darcy out of the house. Tom questions Bernice about the palm trees (which were reported stolen by her ex-beau, Wayne "Krishna" Brown). The first guests at Rainbow Farms turn out to be Bob and Cookie. Bob has been enjoying himself in Darwin but Cookie hasn't...he's sick and depressed. They have a falling out over Cookie's attitude. Rosemary stops by to see Cookie and takes him to the hospital where he is diagnosed with pneumonia and septicemia from an unknown organism. He is put in ICU while they try to determine what's causing it (it turns out to be a tropical bug).

Harry has to borrow Esme's car for his rounds. He stops on a hill without setting the hand brake and the car rolls into a dam. Tom pulls it out and Hugo tries to get it started. When it won't start, Hugo decides to try to rolling start but he loses control of it and it rolls into a lake and sinks. Harry has to break the news to Esme. He buys her the last 25 tickets on the Vitara but the winning ticket turns out to be one he bought before that -- he slips it into Esme's pile of tickets so that she wins the car. Bob and Cookie have a final spat at the hospital and Bob leaves on the bus. When the bus reaches Magnoliavale, he decides to buy the Magnoliavale Pub for him and Cookie to run. Bernice almost leaves on the bus as well but changes her mind at the last minute...she wants to build a relationship with Darcy. Esme takes Terence and Harry (and Ruby) for a spin in her new car.


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