909 & 910
Original -- Apr 20/21, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 20/21, 1998
Simon Stokes (Brett Cooper)
Troyt Coburn (Steve Dyson)
Rona McLeod (Karen Dyson)
Troy Carlson (John Hill, one of the punks)
Brian Harrison (James Sancarlo, another punk)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Neil Melville (Bruce Dyson)
Curtis Greening (Baby Tyler)
Judith McGrath (Bernice Hudson)
Sarah Sheridan (Lucy's body double)

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"Little Boy Blue"
Lucy is a week overdue and fed up with the wait. The hospital staff discuss the pros and cons of circumcision. Hugo is training with Brett Cooper, one of Australia's top cyclist. Frank redecorates the club. Shirl wants to take part in the running of the club and this worries Frank. Darcy is attracted to Brett until she learns that he is gay. Hugo is a little uncomfortable once he learns that as well. Matt miscalculates the due date of the Dyson cows and has promised to be there when they deliver....they are due tomorrow. Some punks, including Steve Dyson, mess around with Hugo's weight training gear and are driven off by Tom Newman, Hugo, and Brett.

Esme finds Lucy sitting on the floor trying to tie her shoes and crying. Steve and his friends come across Hugo and Brett at the park and beat them up, literally rearranging Brett's face and knocking Hugo out cold. Lucy finally goes into labour. Esme takes her to the hospital but Matt is held up at the Dyson farm dealing with a difficult calfing. Hugo initially doesn't remember who attacked them but recognizes Steve. Hugo hits him. Steve's mother, Karen Dyson, wants Hugo charged with assault but Tom charges Steve instead. Bernice Hudson, Darcy's mother, shows up unexpectedly at Perce's farm, with a cartload of palm trees in tow. Lucy's labour is 24 hours plus and she wants no epidural for the pain. Steve's father returns home -- he's quite a butch fella and thinks his son is a "nancy boy" (ie gay). He may well be. Bruce Dyson is proud of Steve for having beat up two "pooftahs". Bernice sprays her palm trees with liquified pig manure and kills them. Lucy finally gives birth to a baby boy. At their goodbye party, they ask Terence and Rosemary to be godparents to little James.


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