907 & 908
Original -- Apr 13/14, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 16/19, 1998
George Whaley (Gil Tyler)
Tom Richards (Brian Kelly)
Rob Steele (Ray Hall)
Marc Gray (Shane Kelly)
James Millar (David Kelly)
Tim Valka (kid at soccer game)

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"Father to Son"
It's Lucy's due date. Tom is coaching soccer. Something is stealing eggs from Lucy's chooks and Hugo decides to spike some eggs with cayenne pepper and chili sauce to get back at whatever it is. One of the boys Tom coaches, David, is hospitalized with exzema. Matt's father, Gil, shows up, ostensibly to be there for the birth of his first grandchild but in reality he's there to try to lure Matt to his project in Vietnam. Matt is not pleased to see him. David's father, Bruce Kelly, is in constant battle with his neighbour, Ray Hall over David's rabbits and Ray's dogs. Brian and Ray get into a fight over it.

Gil is suffering mini strokes and Terence convinces him to go into the hospital (secretly, at Gil's insistence) for tests. He needs to go to Sydney for surgery on his neck but keeps putting it off for his research project. One of Ray's dogs gets sick on the spiked eggs, getting Hugo into hot water with Matt. David's older brother, Shane, arrives. Kate reads David a romance novel, envisioning herself and Harry in the lead roles, and is interrupted by Harry. He, in turn, reads David a detective story and envisions himself and Kate in the lead roles. Lucy runs into Gil at the hospital and pries the whole story out of him. One of David's rabbits, Hulk, is killed by Ray's dogs. Rosemary keeps confronting Ray about his incessantly barking dogs. Shane tries to teach David how to shoot a gun but is interrupted by Harry. Hugo decides to build a bicycle-driven cart to transport inebriated club patrons home.

Esme clashes with Darcy over Darcy environmentalist ideas. Harry puts his foot in his mouth by condoning gun handling training for children in front of Mrs. Prior. Lucy convinces Matt to read the information Gil brought about the project and he's tempted. Then she breaks down and tells him about Gil's medical problem. More of David's rabbits are killed (Superman, Batman, and Robin) and he goes after Ray's dogs with a gun. Ray tries to get the gun away from David and it goes off, killing Shane. David runs away and Brian is devastated. David finally turns himself in. Rosemary is remembering her husband's death in Eritria. Darcy is stung by a hornet and is impressed by Esme's home remedy for it...they begin to bond. Matt agrees to go to Vietnam, but only if Gil will have his operation. Lucy insists that the baby be born in Wandin Valley.


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