905 & 906
Original -- Apr 6/7, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 14/15, 1998
Angie Milliken (Jillian Carter)
Chris Hallam (Howard Lee)
Leone Martin-Smith (Madeleine Wells)
Lucy Bell (Louise Callaghan)
Ron Gaist (Gerard - the Butler AKA the first murder victim)
Christopher Glendenning (Tim Callaghan)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)

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"Blood on the Vine"
Hugo finds a scruffy, abandoned, pregnant cat and brings her to Matt. Lucy gets attached to her. Rosemary and Terence are away for a weekend of wine tasting at Wandin Valley Estates. Once there, they discover a couple of surprises -- (1) Esme is there, filling in for Ivy Clements and (2) the winery is staging a murder mystery weekend (proceeds going to charity). Their hostess for the weekend is Madeleine Wells, a murder mystery author, instead of J. D. Sebastian (the owner of the winery). Her niece, Jilly Carter, is up there with her married loudmouth of a boss, Howard Lee (the Burrigan Shire councillor). Jilly is displaying obvious signs of multiple personalities. Esme is given the character of the Miss Marples-like detective, Terence is the tee-totalling vicar, and Rosemary is a military lieutenant.

Harry and Kate take full advantage of the fact that both of their superiors are away. Rosemary and Terence almost have their first kiss but are interrupted by the murder of victim #3. A child is brought in with whooping cough because his mother, Mrs. Calahan, didn't immunize him. Harry and Darcy debate the merits of immunization. Hugo is hurt trying to break up a bar fight. Rosemary's character becomes another murder victim, ruining Terence's plans for the weekend. Miss Wells disappears and Terence and Rosemary find her in the keg room, suffering from injuries sustained in a fall plus a skull fracture.

The cat has 6 kittens (3 boys and 3 girls) -- Lucy wants to keep 3 but Matt doesn't want any. Perce and Darcy debate the merits of their chosen methods for combating cabbage moths. Frank is filling in for Hugo at the club and having the time of his life. Hugo thinks Frank is trying to muscle in on his job. Lucy is trying to come up with baby names. Tom investigates the accident at Wandin Valley Estates. Jilly's alternate personality, Geraldine, makes an appearance while Jilly is talking to Esme and she decides to keep Esme from blowing the whistle on her. Terence calls the winery looking for Esme and senses something is wrong. He and Tom go out to the winery and are passed by Esme's car, with Geraldine at the wheel. When they pull her over, they discover Esme tied up in the trunk. "Geraldine" tries to flee and Tom has to tackle her.

Jilly reasserts her personality at the jail and is brought to the hospital in a frantic state. There, Terence and Tom learn that the Geraldine personality first really came to the forefront when Jilly's boyfriend, Steve, killed himself years ago and Jilly found the body. "Geraldine" blamed Jilly's grandmother and "took care of her" and later decided to "take care of" Madeleine, who didn't approve of Jilly's new boyfriend, Mr. Lee. Frank is offered the Manager position at the pub and Hugo quits in protest. Frank convinces him to stay. It's two weeks and one day until Lucy's due date. Terence and Rosemary get a case of wine from J. D. Sebastian. Terence tries to entice Rosemary into drinking it with him but she initially turns him down. She changes her mind just before he leaves.


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