903 & 904
Original -- Mar 30/31, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 12/13, 1998
Helen Matkins (Angela Foster)
Craig Elliott (Greg Foster)
Hanni Witt (Sonia De Vries - Kate's acupuncture teacher)
Frank Lloyd (Cliff Sutton)
Geoff Kelso (Rupert Bright)

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"Turning Point"
Matt and Lucy's goats go wandering all over a neighbour's concrete driveway. Harry's mom sends a load of kids books for the hospital children's ward. Unfortunately, she also inadvertently sends some Queensland cockroaches in the package and they get into the hospital. Frank arrives with a box of souvenirs from Shirley...Shirl will be with her mother for another couple of weeks. He's decided to retire on accumulated leave. Cliff Sutton tries to pull the wool over Tom's eyes about his missing driver's license but Frank knows that Cliff's brother "borrowed" the license. Lucy is 34 weeks pregnant and discovers that the baby is breach. She doesn't want a caesarian so they search for other options. Greg Foster sets up a train display in the club for the Burrigan-Sydney Rail Links Centennary celebrations. His wife, Angela, is not happy with his obsession. Harry gets a defect notice for his car. Angela finds out accidentally that Greg has been to see Harry about getting a vasectomy...he doesn't want kids because of his own bad childhood. She goes after the train setup with a cricket bat and hits Greg in the head with it when she spins around. Tom has to take her in to the police station. While there, he talks to her about her marriage. Greg tries to talk Harry into performing the vasectomy right away and when he won't, Greg goes to Burrigan and has it done. Unfortunately, Angela is already pregnant. She and Greg make up when he finds out. Kate suggests acupuncture to help turn Lucy's baby around without surgical intervention. and it works. Tom is willing to move back to Sydney for Allison but finds out that she has already moved in with her married ex-boss, Tony Gillespie (whom she had an affair with earlier). Darcy is upset when Kate gets a letter from Luke and she doesn't. Frank decides not to retire. Rupert, a man whose many cats have died one by one, tries to get Matt to do an autopsy -- he thinks they've been poisoned. He's a little odd. Frank goes out to his caravan to talk to him and gets his foot caught in a spring-loaded trap. Rupert thinks Frank's the one responsible for killing his cats and won't free him. Hugo takes Darcy to go swimming at the water hole (to cheer her up) and Darcy gets bitten on the foot by a stone fish. Tom and Matt go out to Rupert's place to give Rupert a new cat to look after and find Frank. Rupert is hospitalized for psychological testing. Rosemary invites Terence to dinner, to repay him for having hurt his nose previously. They enjoy themselves immensely, in spite of the fact that Harry and Kate crash the dinner.

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