901 & 902
Original -- Mar 23/24, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 8/9, 1998
Karen Davitt (Allison Newman)
Michele Fawdon (Diane Klein)
Peter Browne (Rob Klein)
Ruth Cromer (Ruth Klein)
Marilyn Allen (Myfannwy Gates)
Julie Costello (Holly Johns)
Saxon Graham (as himself)
Richard Assange (Larry Sykes)

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"High Hopes"
Ruth, a young woman with Down's Syndrome, wants to train to swim in the Special Olympics. Hugo offers to help her but her father doesn't trust Hugo's motives. Ruth develops a crush on Hugo. Rosemary goes to a testimonial dinner for her late husband in Sydney. Allison is not happy in her marriage to Tom and decides to return to Sydney. Kate and Harry spend their day off at the golf course, where they come to the rescue of a woman (Myfannwy Gates) who collapses. She hasn't suffered a heart attack but she's heading that way and Harry tells her to relax. Ruth goes swimming while still suffering from her bronchitis and has a mild asthma attack...Hugo saves her but incurs the wrath of her father. Hugo blames himself for Ruth being at the pool and decides to resign as orderly. Rosemary and Terence bicker at the hospital and she accidentally slams a door in his face, dislocating his nose.

Darcy decides to try to force Simone to metamorphose into a salamander by lowering the level of water in her tank. Esme gets a Darwin postcard from Bob and Cookie. Hugo has to tell Ruth outright that he is just her friend, not her boyfriend, and she' upset. Her parents think she's run away and her friend Saxon comes up from Sydney to help find her. Hugo finds her at the pool and gets her parents to come down in time to see how good a swimmer she is. Esme reads Darcy's axolotl book and learns that the metamorphosis process could reduce Simone's lifespan (assuming she survives at all) and rob her of the ability to regenerate her limbs -- Rosemary decides to stop the experiment. Kate throws a goodbye party for Lucy (who's going on maternity leave). Kate and Harry force Terence and Rosemary out onto the veranda to discuss their arguing. Terence learns that Rosemary's husband was not such a devoted family man, though he was a great man to the masses. Hugo tells Darcy his dad is still alive and was never in the Tour de France -- he's a pastry cook in Cobourg.


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