899 & 900
Original -- Mar 16/17, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 6/7, 1998
Jon Concannon (Tom Newman)
Karen Davitt (Alison Newman)
Terry Brady (Shane Hewitt)
David Slingsby (Colin Pierce)
Howard Vernon (Aub Miller)
Darren Beath (Jack Miller)
Brendon Walker (Barry - a thief)
Ron Brown (Sam - a shopkeeper)

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"A Different Drum"
Two men arrange to stop at the Hudson farm to rest their cattle. Hugo is suspicious of them. An unknown old man has a heart attack and dies in the hospital, leaving behind a young deaf-mute boy. The staff learn that the boy's name is Jack and he was abducted by his grandfather who feared never seeing him again. His parents come for him. A young expectant couple, Tom and Alison Newman, are moving into the Valley and arrange to stay at Esme's place. Tom is a Senior Police Constable and his wife used to be a top real estate agent in the city. One of the cattle dies and Hugo calls Matt in. Investigation shows that the men are criminals -- Hugo sabotages their fuel line to prevent their escape and Tom chases the one who tries to flee. Esme thinks Ivy has run off to Sydney with the proceeds of the lammington drive (but she hasn't). Alison is considering returning to the city to go to uni. Harry has a cold. Lucy falls while trying to replace a light bulb and goes into premature labour at 30 weeks. Terence is able to halt the labour with medication (and Lucy's prayers!). Ally Newman suffers a miscarriage but is not very upset by it...she wants to concentrate on her career. Tom is devastated, both by the miscarriage and by the news that Ally doesn't want children.

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