897 & 898
Original -- Mar 9/10, 1992
Showcase -- Oct 2/5, 1998
Lisa Armytage (Jane Lindsay)
Emily Dawe (Michelle Lindsay)
Paul Williams (Dr. Mason)
Margot Lloyd (Mrs. Hancock)
Ronald Falk (Dr. John Holden)

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"Reach for the Sky"
Luke gets the results of his Air Force test and interview. He is accepted into Navigator training but he wants to be a pilot. Michelle Lindsay, a self-destructive developmentally-disabled girl, is brought into the hospital after a fall. She's been heavily drugged and her doctor (Dr. Holden) is recommending psychosurgery. Harry begins fighting for her rights and, after much effort, convinces her mother to let him try to help Michelle. After taking her off the drugs and calling in a psychiatrist (Dr. Mason), they determine that Michelle is bored and frustrated and they arrange for her to go to a group home that will stimulate her more. Luke asks Darcy to marry him and decides he's going to open up a auto mechanic shop. Bob turns 60 and discovers that his retirement fund amounts to only $2500. Cookie gets a computer program from Tiger Kelly that figures out which horses will win and he convinces Bob to bet his whole retirement fund on it. Unfortunately, Esme reads the results wrong and it looks like Bob is going to lose everything. He blames Cookie and says he never wants to see him again. Cookie is heartbroken. Later, it turns out the computer program was wrong -- the horse comes in at 50:1 and Bob wins $125,000. He and Cookie make up and decide to leave the Valley. Darcy tells Luke he can transfer to pilot training from navigator training. He changes his mind and decides to go to Melbourne after all. He gives Darcy a little red scooter.

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