891 & 892
Original -- Feb 17/18, 1992
Showcase -- Sep 24/25, 1998
Robert Willox (Spence Anderson)
Jacqueline McKenzie (Meredith Hendrix)
Jenny Kent (Penelope Rose)
Daniel Luxton (Ken Clarke)
Murray Bartlett (Richard Wellbourne)

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"Riding for a Fall""
Matt and Luke visit Rivendale Stud Farm to inspect the horses prior to a charity endurance ride. Lucy is excited to have bought her first maternity dress. Rosemary has managed to twist some rules but has managed to hire Hugo as an orderly. Cookie has decided to give up alcohol and has taken to snapping a rubber band on his wrist whenever he feels an urge to drink....a $50 bet with Bob is at stake. Spence, part owner of the stud farm, wants to sell the whole place. Matt is knocked against the fence by one of Spence's horses when Spence doesn't have a good enough grip on it. Harry goes for a ride and almost runs down Meredith Hendrix, the other part owner of Rivendale Stud. She convinces him to come look at a horse they have for sale. Ken Clarke brings Rosemary a letter from the union stating that all of the non medical staff are going on strike for one day because Hugo, who is not in the union, lifted two bags of laundry, against safe work practices. They'll be off for longer if Hugo is not fired. Rosemary has to round up some volunteers to help out during the strike. Kate and Lucy debate the merit and necessity of unions.

Meredith asks Harry if he'd be interested in buying the stud farm and he agrees to talk to his dad about financing. Penelope Rose's bunion operation is postponed because of the strike and she is very upset. Lucy discovers that she has timed the surgery to fit in with her wedding and has specially made slippers that she can't wear because of the bunions. Spence falls and cuts his head on the coffee table and Matt takes him to the hospital. Spence tries to blame it on the grog but then admits to Matt and Terence that he has Multiple Schlerosis. He doesn't want Meredith to know -- this is why he's been pretending to drink too much and why he wants to sell the farm (and why he's been distancing himself from Meredith). Spence has seen someone else go through MS. Meredith thinks he's been having an affair in Sydney.

Lucy explains Penelope's situation to Terence and he agrees to perform her surgery anyway. Tension mounts between Meredith and Spence because he won't talk to her about what's bothering him. Harry is getting interested in Meredith and Matt tells him about Spence. Cookie is worried that he's an alcoholic but Terence says he seriously doubts it. Cookie also complains about an odd tingling in his hand and Terence diagnoses it as being caused by the rubber band cutting off circulation in that band. Meredith shows the farm's books to Harry. Spence is so pessimistic about his MS. The hospital "volunteers" discuss Hugo and the strike. He arrives and tells them he spoke with Ken and joined the union. The strike is over.

Meredith offers her services as a manager if Harry buys the farm. He's been resisting the attraction to her since he found out about her and Spence but she kisses him and he kisses her back. Spence decides to ride in the endurance race when he sees Meredith with Harry. Lucy is going to make a knockout dress for Kate to wear when she goes to the race ball with Richie Welbourne. Luke and Darcy plan to camp out after the race. Harry tries to convince Spence not to ride. Shirl is looking after the clinic while Darcy is in the race and Darcy tries to teach her about the new clinic database. Rosemary comes to get Terence and mentions that the wine is breathing upstairs, sparking Shirl's imagination. Harry tries to back out of buying the stud farm. Meredith guesses that Spence is jealous of Harry and tells him he's made it clear it's none of his business. Spence overhears her offering Harry a partnership at the starting line of the endurance ride and tears off on his horse. Harry goes after him and everyone else follows, despite the fact that Matt hadn't signalled the official start of the race yet.

At the first checkpoint, Meredith tries to talk to Harry about the partnership again but he's too preoccupied. At the clinic, Terence's new suit jacket arrives and Shirl learns that Rosemary was with him when he bought it. Her mind races with the implications of that intimacy. Esme tries to help Lucy make Kate's dress and thinks it needs some lace at the neckline. One of Lucy's goats, Gertrude, is sick. She tries to get hold of Matt at the race but he's busy. The vet in Burrigan is busy too. Harry finds Spence resting his horse and Spence is looking very ill. Harry talks to Spence about the MS and Meredith overhears, causing Spence to race off again. Shirl shares her suspicions about Rosemary and Terence with Frank.

Luke is very stiff from the unaccustomed riding. Kate talks to Meredith about Spence. Lucy determines that Gertrude has gas bubbles from too much green feed (Gertrude got into Lucy's garden) and Matt's vet book says the rumen has to be ruptured. Shirl decides to throw a dinner party for Terence and Rosemary, at Rosemary's apartment. Terence makes an off handed reference to renaming the Muldoon Wing to Shirl. Hugo has agreed to clean out the vet cages for Luke and borrows the hospital car to get there. Once there, Lucy ropes him into helping out with Gertrude. When they finally catch up to him, Spence is overheating and his horse is cut and bleeding.

Shirl tries (subtly, she thinks) to get Rosemary and Terence together while she and Frank prepare the dinner. Terence is called out to take care of Spence but Frank and Shirl decided to stay with Rosemary until he gets back. Lucy operates successfully on Gertrude with Esme and Hugo helping. Terence talks to Spence about how he's been mistreating himself. He returns to Rosemary's flat to find her torturing Frank and Shirl with her organ playing. He and Rosemary decide to play a game on them. Spence comes clean to Meredith. She decides not to sell the stud farm. Harry stops by to pick his horse up from Matt's just as Richie arrives to pick Kate up for the ball -- she looks stunning in her ball gown. Terence and Rosemary look dreamily at each other over their wine glasses and Shirl is sure her plan has succeeded -- they, on the other hand, can barely keep from laughing out loud. After Frank and Shirl leave, they get a little serious and Terence quickly decides to leave. In their campground under the stars, Luke is in pain but won't let Darcy tend to his saddle sores.


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