889 & 890
Original -- Feb 10/11, 1992
Showcase -- Sep 22/23, 1998
Brian Moll (Alf Muldoon)
Robert Hughes (Colin Warner)
Justin Rosniak (Chris Warner)
Don Halbert (Stewart Robinson)
Julie Herbert (Councillor Wilma Duffy)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
Simon Gough (Peter Thomas)
Alan Lock (policeman -- Cst. Frost)

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"Alfred the Great, parts III and IV""
Matt, Luke, and Darcy return a koala Darcy found to the wild at Hogan's Creek. There were others there when she found it but there are none there now. Luke finds a notice that a quarry is planned for the site. Alf Muldoon has put a development application for the Club. Darcy talks to Shirl about the quarry plans. Cookie sets up a temporary cafe at the Lodge...his application for a liquor license is refused because of his various brushes with the law. Alf presents a dirt bike to Colin Warner's son, Chris, and talks to Colin, who is a member of the council, about refinancing Colin's mortgage. Frank finds a young man unconscious at the bottom of an embankment on the Widgeera Road.

Alf admits to Shirl that he owns the Hogan's Creek land and wants to open a blue metal quarry on it. He tells her he's had an environmental impact study done that doesn't mention koalas at all and describes to her his plans to have the hole filled with water and turned into a wetlands after the metal runs out in 10 years or so. He offers to abstain from voting on his own application. Shirl talks to Colin about Alf's application but Colin is on Alf's side because it would be a good source of jobs for the area. The mystery patient wakes up and thinks he's an intern at a different hospital. His name is Stewart Robinson and he's sure the whole thing is a joke on him. Shirl tells Darcy and Luke what's she's learned about the quarry...she's puzzled about Alf's openness and vows to remain openminded. Darcy accuses her of selling out. Stewart has no memories of his recent past. Alf approaches Bob at the Lodge -- he has a "new" Jaguar that he just bought from Herb Munro and pays Bob, in cash, the $1200 he owes. Darcy and Luke talk to Matt about the koalas. They meet up with Colin and Chris at Hogan's Creek -- Chris doesn't have his helmet on correctly and it falls off his head just before falls off the dirt bike and rolls down a hill.

Herb gives Bob the money he owes him as well. Matt asks Esme about Hogan's Creek and she says she remembers there being lots of koalas there when she was a girl. The town is split between those who want the quarry because of the jobs it would bring and those who want to preserve the koala habitat. Frank finds out that Stewart went missing from his internship at St. Arnold's after a three day drug bender to celebrate his birthday. Stewart can't believe it. Hugo visits Shirls and tells her about the suspicious cash transactions that Alf's been conducting. Hugo suspects graft and has found out that Alf paid for his own environmental study. He suggests that Shirl look into the wildlife survey done 5 years ago -- he has a copy of it and it has obviously been doctored to eliminate any mention of koalas. Stewart freaks out in the hospital, flashing back to his last days in the ER at St. Arnold's. He finally admits to having left.

Colin is worried about Chris. Alf visits him at the hospital and insists that Colin attend the meeting to cast his vote. Various council members speak up about the proposal. Shirl tries to stall for time to allow Hugo to get there with some key facts. A veritable riot breaks out as the two sides argue over the situation. Colin leaves the meeting to go see Chris after he gets out of surgery so Alf decides to adjourn the meeting until order can be restored. Hugo finally gets there and tells Shirl she should speak to the librarian. Chris is in a coma and Colin is distraught over it. Stewart tells Kate his story -- he'd ended up in the ditch after going off the meds his psychiatrist in Burrigan had prescribed. His medical career is over because of the damage caused by all the drugs he's taken (LSD, Speed, Ecstacy, etc.). Shirl confronts Alf with the doctored wildlife report and he threatens her with a slander suit.

Someone is taking pictures of Frank giving directions to someone. Matt finds a koala that has been dumped outside the National Park. He's also found fresh bike tracks. Hugo's been collecting koala fur and droppings from the Hogan's Creek area. He, Matt, Luke, and Darcy surprise the biker who drops the koala he was transporting and gets away. Shirl cons Rosemary into giving a talk to the Year 10 students and their parents. Someone makes a large deposit into Frank's bank account. Harry finds a young boy, Peter Thomas, in the shower with his pajamas on and Lucy tries to find out why. Shirl meets up with Alf in the council chambers and he shows her the photos of Frank -- they look suspiciously as if Frank was taking a bribe from someone and Alf mentions the rather large deposit made into Frank's account. Luke and Darcy talk to Shirl and she tells them she doesn't think she'll make it to the meeting but won't tell them why.

Frank brings the Club's books to Cookie who recognizes that they aren't in his writing (and some wine stains are conspicuously absent)...Alf has obviously been doctoring the books. Darcy, Matt, and Luke find koalas at Hogan's Creek. Kate tries to get Colin to talk to Chris, even though Chris is still in a coma. Flowers arrive for Chris from Alf and Colin dumps them in the bin. Hugo has some suspicions about the money that Alf's been throwing around and talks to Bob and Herb about the money they received from him. Lucy learns that Peter Thompson's been wetting the bed...she promises not to tell. At council chambers, Cookie remarks to Frank that the picture of Alf with Maggie Thatcher that is now hanging on the chamber's wall was hanging on a wall at the Club the morning of the fire. Rosemary is nervous about her impending speech. Lucy talks to Harry about Peter. Alf calls for a vote on his application. Shirl arrives just in time to tie the vote. Alf suddenly complains of not being able to breathe before it can be officially knocked back. Terence doesn't think it was a heart attack.

Peter tells Lucy that the kids at school call him stupid. Hugo finds that Alf's been paying people off with sequentially numbered new $100 bills. Shirl shows Frank the pictures and tells him about the money in his account. Hugo has a report from Mrs. Fuller, the librarian, for Shirl. At Hogan's Creek, Darcy happens upon the koala nabber and flushes him out of hiding. Luke blocks his escape and Matt tackles him. Colin blames himself for Chris, thinking he'll never wake up, but he comes to while Colin is talking to Kate. He has a skull fracture but the prognosis is good. Rosemary tries out her speech on Harry and he tells her it's a little too high brow (and boring) for Year 10s. While playing Hangman with Peter, Lucy discovers that he is having trouble writing his letters. Harry confirms that Peter has dyslexia.

Shirl presents the koala dung that Hugo found to the council and tells them about the man who was caught at the creek. She also has a geological survey for another potential blue metal quarry site. Colin arrives in time for the vote and withdraws his, citing as the reason the $50,000 loan he got from Alf. Rosemary jumps up and speaks her mind when Alf tries to end the meeting at that point. After the meeting, Alf talks to Shirl, telling her she'll be sorry. Frank and another officer, Cst. Frost, arrive and place Alf under arrest for blackmail with a threat to publish and arson (for starters). Alf says that he only wanted what was best for the Valley. Colin offers to make a statement against Alf, even though it will get him into trouble too. At the victory party outside the Lodge, Hugo and Darcy argue over who brought Alf down (because they had a bet on who would be more instrumental in it).


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