887 & 888
Original -- Feb 3/4, 1992
Showcase -- Sep 18/21, 1998
Brian Moll (Alf Muldoon)
Shana Reynolds (Gemma Andrews)
Paul Kennedy (Neville Muldoon)
Kerry Thompson (Paramedic #1)
James Porter (Paramedic #2)

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"Alfred the Great, parts I and II"
Terence is back from his fishing trip. Lucy is trying to come up with something to do while she's off with the baby for a year. Hugo is doing well on crutches and is being released. He's planning on leaving the Valley so Rosemary lets him stay with her. Alf votes against extra funding for more hospital staff. Kate and Harry go looking for a wayward young patient, Gemma Andrews. She doesn't want to have her operation. Esme shows her Order of Australia medal. Shirl breaks the news that the Club has been sold to LID Nominees. Alf is the chairman of that company. Shirl vows to fight. Cookie worries about his job. Kate and Harry show Gemma what will happen during her operation and she calms down.

Alf announces his plans to spruce up the club and tells Cookie he will still be in charge. Alf introduces his earringed nephew, Neville, to Bob and asks him to show Neville the ropes. Alf has something up his sleeve. Lucy is considering buying an angora goat as her post natal "cottage craft". Hugo asks Cookie for a job but Cookie says no. Bob tells Alf it will take in excess of $35,000 to rebuild the club. Gemma's operation goes well. Alf closes the club suddenly for renovations, based supposedly on Bob's assessment of the Club's state of disrepair. Shirl is suspicious. Cookie decides to hold Esme's party in the bar anyway. Someone cuts some wires in the cellar. Hugo talks to Darcy at the clinic. Luke shows up as well. Terence is annoyed by all of Darcy's visitors and the intrusiveness of Hugo's bike in the waiting area. Luke convinces Hugo to play Rosemary's stereo loudly, causing Terence to call Rosemary at the hospital to complain.

Kate and Harry have a hypothetical talk about love vs. friendship. Bob and Cookie inspect the cellar, looking for the champagne Esme has requested for her party. A shelving unit collapses, causing the cut wires to short out. Darcy asks Hugo to stay with her and Perce at the farm. Lucy has bought an angora kid named Gertrude without checking with Matt. She brings her in to show Kate at the hospital. Luke is jealous about Darcy's invitation to Hugo. She cons Luke into letting Hugo stay at his flat instead. Terence offers the first toast at Esme's party. Esme shows her ceremony pictures to Harry. Terence is called back to the hospital. Esme decides that they should be drinking Australian champagne, not French, so she and Cookie go into the cellar to look for it. Matt finds a chewed Phantom comic and Lucy has to admit she bought a goat. Surprise! Matt had the same idea and presents her with Alice, another angora kid.

Esme can smell smoke as she and Cookie start to leave the cellar. Frank also smells the smoke and discovers that the restaurant is on fire. He and Bob herd everyone out of the bar while Harry goes after Cookie and Esme. Esme is paralyzed in fear and tries to convince Harry and Cookie to leave without her. Alf arrives as they are clearing the bar and is shocked to learn that people are trapped. An explosion at the top of stairs eliminates that way out for Harry, Cookie, and Esme. The hospital prepares for fire victims.

Bob and Harry help Cookie and Esme out of the burning Club cellar.Kate arrives home to find Hugo there. She's a bit put out but agrees to it for Luke's sake. Hugo gets on their good side by offering to make pastries. Kate is called back to the hospital. Firefighters arrive at the Club to find the restaurant engulfed. Hugo, Darcy, and Luke go for a look at the fire. The firefighters can't get through to the cellar. Hugo wanders off. Frank and Bob go around to the outside cellar door and use an iron bar to pry the lock off. Harry helps Esme and Cookie out but touches the bare wires as he tries to leave, electrocuting himself. Lucy buys a spinning wheel. She's called back to the hospital. The paramedics attend to Harry. Alf is surprisingly unruffled. Harry is worried about everyone else. He suddenly goes into cardiac arrest and they have to revive him.

Harry makes a bad patient, trying to doctor himself. Terence is worried about potential deep tissue damage. Esme and Cookie are suffering from smoke inhalation. Darcy and Luke find out that Hugo is missing. Gemma is also missing again. Esme feels guilty about Harry's injuries. Alf visits the victims. He's taking Bob and Cookie to court because they reopened the Club for Esme's party. He's fired them backdated to the time of the party. Luke takes Darcy home. They find a pregnant dog in Darcy's shed. Frank informs Kate that a body was found in the kitchen of the restaurant. Darcy is worried about Hugo. Matt arrives to look at the dog but it has disappeared. He tells Darcy and Luke about the body -- they worry it might be Hugo. Something goes wrong while Harry is talking to Lucy (he has a ventricular tachycardia). Harry presses Terence for the details and Terence tells him. There's a possibility of renal failure.

Frank needs to make a list of all the people at the party. Rosemary tells him about the two missing people. Kate visits Harry and holds his hand. Rosemary keeps trying to keep her away from Harry. Frank brings Hugo and Gemma back to the hospital. Hugo found her outside the fire and kept her occupied all afternoon. Harry is finally on the road to recovery. The autopsy on the body shows very little in the way of indentifying features...causcasian male, ~175 cm, ~80 kg, hair maybe brown, earring in left ear. Bob recognizes the earring as similar to one warn by Neville Muldoon. Gemma tries to talk to Esme about the pony she promised her but Esme keeps giving her the slip. Kate decides to arrange for Gemma to ride her horse sometimes. The dog returns to the shed.

Frank calls Alf in and explains the situation. Alf is upset about Neville. Bob and Cookie off their condolences and Alf accuses them of being responsible for the fire. Matt is called in to look after the dog. Only one of the puppies survives...Darcy names it Sirius (after the Dog Star). Esme brings Harry a copy of "Pride and Prejudice". Esme and Gemma finally talk about the pony and Esme is off the hook. Frank gets Bob to examine the wires; they were obviously cut after his inspection. Frank finds Neville's car near the club and discovers detonating devices in it similar to the ones used to start the fire. Bob and Cookie find Esme's medal in the bar. Frank tells Alf about the suspected arson. Alf initially denies the idea that Neville could be involved but then implicates him totally, calling him a no-hoper. Shirl vows to find the evidence needed to get Alf.


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