883 & 884
Original -- Jan 20/21, 1992
Showcase -- Sep 14/15, 1998
Carlton Lamb (Paul Tomms)
Liz Newman (Joy Tomms)
Julia Stone (Kylie Tomms)
Meg Simpson (Mrs. Sweeney)
Madeleine Gemmell (Baby Sweeney)
Michael Beckley (Dr. Peter O'Sullivan, the Care Flight doctor)
Peter J. Williams (Mr. Newton)
Bernard Duff (Ambulanceman)
Barbara Morton (Vera Martin)
Troy Hardey (Nathan Mills)

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Matt tries to keep Rhett out of the house. Darcy skins her knee when she is knocked down while riding her bicycle to the hospital to make a delivery for Harry. Harry is very attached to a young patient, Kylie Tomms. Mr. Newton, a drunk, paws Kate at the hospital. Lucy's chooks start disappearing. She and Matt eventually find that Rhett has found a new "coop" for them, in an old corrugated metal drum. Matt decides to build them a new proper coop.

Harry cancels his golf date with Kate to visit the Tomms ranch to look at horses and visit with Kylie. The little girl has a huge crush on Harry. Luke tries to convince Darcy to get a car, even tries loaning her his Dream Machine. When he learns she can't drive, he offers to teach her. Mrs. Sweeney goes into labour at the clinic and Darcy and Luke have to try to help deliver the baby (they don't do a very good job but Mrs. Sweeney knows what she's doing).

Kylie falls while balancing on a fence and is trampled by the cattle in the pen. She is very badly hurt. Harry and Terence struggle to save her but her injuries are too severe. While being transported to the Care Flight, she goes into cardiac arrest and they are unable to save her. Harry is devastated.

Old Mrs. Holt makes Lucy the executrix of her will and leaves her a sewing basket and $50,000 in shares. They are over the moon, until Mrs. Holt's estranged daughter, Vera Martin, arrives and threatens to contest the will. She changes her mind once she finds out that Lucy isn't a gold digger. Matt and Lucy find out that the shares are worthless.

Kate visits Harry -- she's touched by how affected he was by Kylie's death and how strong he was still able to be. He's been crying and she kisses him and tells him she loves him. An offhand comment by Mrs. Prior makes Harry suspect Kate's motives -- he thinks she just pitied him -- and, in his pain, he rejects any further involvement with her. She takes this as proof that they could never be together. Luke gives Darcy a driving lesson, which ends when she hits Cookie who had stopped to fix a flat tire.


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