881 & 882
Original -- Nov 25/26, 1991
Showcase -- Sep 10/11, 1998
Edwina Cox (Laura Adams)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Stan Kouros (Peter Lewis)
Ryan Lewis Jago (Coralie Jr.)
[note from the peanut gallery] Hepatitis A is the lowest level of hepatitis virus there is; it's very infectious while it's active but is not chronic and doesn't linger in your system forever so extraordinary precautions are not needed later on in your life; however, it's not a fun ailment to have -- take it from one who knows :-(

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Lucy is 14 weeks pregnant. Shirley is busy with Council meetings and Frank is lonely. Darcy finds a dead bandicoot. Kate and Luke have a new neighbour, Laura Adams from the library, who is a little on the odd side (she's afraid of animals, obsessive about cleanliness, and has wrapped her furniture in plastic). Luke is waiting for his HSC results. Cookie is babysitting his niece, Coralie Jr., while his sister is visiting her husband in jail. Perce runs into a feral cat in his barn and is clawed by it as it tries to flee. He starts to feel his age while in the hospital and Darcy has to trick him into leaving. Harry learns that Nelly, his beloved van, is unrepairable.

Coralie Jr. eats the button eye off her teddy bear and Cookie rushes her to the hospital. Rosemary offers to stay with him until "nature runs its course". Laura throws a can of food at Dog to scare her off and wounds her instead. Luke is not happy about it. Bob goes to watch cricket with Frank but the match is rained out. They watch a movie instead, envisioning themselves in the lead roles. Matt catches the feral cat. Laura's boyfriend comes to visit her but she forces him to leave. Nutmeg, the stray cat that Kate "adopted", gets into Laura's flat and Laura goes nuts cleaning. Kate finds her after she burns her hand with caustic soda and takes her to the hospital. There, Terence determines that Laura is obsessive-compulsive and that her current state of mind was brought on by having to nurse her mother, who was suffering from Alheimer's.

Luke asks Darcy out but she turns it into a working dinner -- she wants to build a telescope and turn the shed into an observatory. They kiss while cleaning the shed. Laura wants to leave the hospital and pushes a cart into Lucy's abdomen when they try to convince her to stay. This causes Matt to worry about Lucy continuing to work. Harry tries to help Kate get over her fear of snakes -- step 1 is looking at a picture of a snake, step 2 is looking at a video or snakes, step 3 is looking at a pickled snake in a jar, and step 4 is looking at a real live snake (aka Cuddles). Luke and Darcy both pass their HSC. Peter finally convinces Laura that he is there for the long haul, however long and hard that might be. Luke declares his love for Darcy.


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