879 & 880
Original -- Nov 18/19, 1991
Showcase -- Sep 8/9, 1998
Helen O'Connor (Rebecca Mills)
Alan Hopgood (Tom O'Connell - a farmer)
Anthony Wong (Winston Yip)
Julia Stone (Kylie Tomms)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
Fay Butcher (Joan Dempster - a patient at the clinic)
Paul Jones (Barry Smith - another farmer)
[note from the peanut gallery] Hepatitis A is the lowest level of hepatitis virus there is; it's very infectious while it's active but is not chronic and doesn't linger in your system forever so extraordinary precautions are not needed later on in your life; however, it's not a fun ailment to have -- take it from one who knows :-(

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"Deep Water"
Terence rearends a woman's car when she stops suddenly. Lucy is 10 weeks pregnant -- she and Matt agree not tell anyone until she is 12 weeks but she can't help herself. People are getting sick all over the Valley -- throat infections, eye infections, hay fever, gastric problems, dermatitis, etc. -- and start blaming the local CSIRO station for their ailments. The CSIRO station is doing research to reduce the rabbit popluation in Australia.

Harry is very popular with Kylie, a young patient at the hospital. Rosemary is not feeling well. Luke and Kate move into a new flat. Frank is away on course. Winston Yip, an acupuncturist, arrives in town. He and Kate spend a lot of time together and Harry is jealous. Animals are sick and dying all over the Valley and Matt can't find out what's wrong. The woman Terence rearended, Rebecca Mills, turns out to be a geneticist from the CSIRO. Rosemary is very sick and the doctors think there may be a hepatitis A outbreak. Rebecca confronts Darcy about a pamphlet she wrote, in spite of the fact that Darcy is on the side of the CSIRO.

Kate and Winston kiss. The farmers meet at the Lodge and a fight breaks out when one of the farmers pushes Darcy and Luke takes a swing at him. Rebecca is too shy to speak up to the farmers. Esme is worried about the questionnaires that several people in the Valley have been getting -- she thinks it's something bad about her but later thinks that Terence is to be knighted. She finally learns the truth -- she's being given the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the community.

The farmers leave sheep carcasses outside the CSIRO in protest. Rebecca takes soil and water samples from each of the farmers' property and discovers that many of the dams and the town water supply are contaminated with blue-green algae, caused by the farmers using super phosphates over the years. The town will have to truck in water, bomb the dams with copper sulfate, and flush them out to clear out the toxins. Luke and Darcy kiss.


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