877 & 878
Original -- Nov 11/12, 1991
Showcase -- Sep 4/7, 1998
Frankie J. Holden (Malcolm Brown)
Ben Borgia (Dylan Brown)
Judi Farr (Grace Mullens)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
John Davies (Mr. O'Day)
Michael Watson (Trevor Jackson)
Peter Stevens (Russ Woods - the reporter)
Jamie Walter (Radio interviewer)
New show titles as of this episode

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"The Goodbye Plan"
It's near Christmas in Wandin Valley. Lucy and Matt are barely being civil to one another. It's Darcy's first day at the clinic. Grace Mullens is admitted to the hospital -- she has an enlarged heart and is awaiting a heart transplant. Dylan, a young leukemia victim, is also admitted. He has a major attitude problem and a plant called Igor. He's waiting for a bone marrow donor and doesn't believe they'll find someone in time. Grace asks to be put in the same room with him so that she can talk to him. They get friendly just before Grace passes away.

Darcy rearranges the clinic reception area and tries to offer homeopathic remedies to the clinic patients, angering Terence. Matt is struck in the head by a bull he was treating for a gash in it's stomach and is knocked out. Frank is thinking of buying a villa in Italy and retiring there -- Shirl is not pleased. Matt and Lucy make up while he recuperates in the hospital. Dylan doesn't take Grace's death well. Thinking of her own fight with leukemia, Kate promises him she'll move heaven and earth to find him a bone marrow donor. Mr. O'Day comes into the clinic and Darcy has to cut him out of his Santa suit and treat his hyperventilating...Terence is impressed.

Trevor Jackson confronts Darcy in the park as she's pulling weeds up. He convinces her to join a volunteer brigade to help clean up the park. Kate goes on Burrigan Radio to plead for blood donors for the bone marrow registry. A reporter from the Burrigan Examiner comes to cover the blood drive and wants a picture of Kate donating blood -- she tells him, in confidence, about her leukemia in order to explain why she can't and he breaks his promise by publishing the whole story in the paper. Harry is upset that Kate thinks he couldn't handle her illness and no longer thinks they can be friends. Kate takes that as proof that he couldn't handle things. The city papers pick up the bone marrow donor story.

The hospital staff fool Matt and Esme with a fake patient, Mr. Nick Claus, who suffers some many Christmas-related afflictions. Hidden under his covers is the hospital Christmas pudding, hooked up to several brandy drips. Shirl refuses to go to Italy until she takes Alfred Muldoon down...Frank isn't too upset because he wouldn't want to leave Fatso behind. Terence gives Lucy wonderful news and she leaves the hospital squealing...she tells Matt that they are finally pregnant.


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