875 & 876
Original -- Nov 4/5, 1991
Showcase -- Sep 2/3, 1998
Kym Wilson (Darcy Hudson)
Lisa Peers (Judy Young)
Richard Healy (Graham Young)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Anna Phillips (Lyndall Wheeler -- the breastfeeding mom)
Andrew Berthold (Baby Wheeler)
Emmage Compton (Baby Young)
Lynne Murphy (Celia Shaw)

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"Dangerous Liaisons"
Lucy and Matt are back from holiday. Lucy is upset because she's not pregnant and Matt is getting fed up with her. Cookie is away and Frank has taken over the cooking duties at the club (Esme is maitre d'). Kate is temporary district nurse. She and Harry visit old farmer Perce Hudson. His house is a wreck and they are concerned for him. His chooks are malnourished.

Perce's 18-year-old granddaughter, Darcy, unexpectedly arrives from up north and tells him she's moving in with him. He doesn't want her there. She reminisces about learning astronomy from him when she was little. Esme asks a breastfeeding woman to cover up or breastfeed elsewhere, inciting a sit-in protest led by Lucy. Judy Young, wife of cattle farmer Graham Young, is having a problem pregancy. After the cord prolapses and her water breaks, Terence performs an emergency caesarian section. An examination of the baby finds that she is suffering from syphillis, as is Judy. Her husband caught it from a Bangkok prostitute. At first, Judy rejects him and the baby but eventually decideds to work on the marriage.

Darcy moves in temporarily with the Gilroys and Frank accidentally sees her naked (much to his embarrassment). An elderly woman, Celia Shaw, brings her dog, Mullet, in to Matt. She's been giving the dog the same arthritis pills her husband used and it's caused internal bleeding. Luke convinces Harry to hire Darcy as temporary receptionist at the clinic. Matt and Lucytalk to Harry separately about their marital problems. Darcy introduces Luke to the wonder of the night sky.


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