873 & 874
Original -- Oct 28/29, 1991
Showcase -- Aug 31/Sep 1, 1998
Harriet Spalding (Julie Dixon)
Arianthe Galani (Bunica Enescu)
Duncan Wass (Sam Neeson)
Marina Farrugia (Elena)
Douglas Hedge (Des Bryant)
Annie Byron (the voice of Patricia York, Julie's biological mother)

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"Brief Encounter"
Luke is studying for his HSC. Kate is acting district nurse. Sam Neeson, an insulin-dependent diabetic, is having trouble injecting himself. His daughter, Elena, and mother-in-law are sick. Kate's dad, Des, has had a fall and she is worried about him. A young woman named Julie Dixon arrives in the Valley and takes a job at the club as barmaid/resident photographer. She has a scrapbook filled with pictures of Kate's family. She sends Kate a locket with both of their pictures in it. Harry finds Sam after he collapses and takes him to the hospital...Sam's mother-in-law, Bunica, is afraid of hospitals.

Julie tells Kate that Des Bryant is her father, too, and she wants Kate to help her meet him. Kate arranges for her father to come to town. Luke and Frank take Luke's school books to the dump. Frank parks on some broken fuel cans and the police car explodes when Luke sets fire to his books and a stray piece of burning paper lands on the trail of fuel under the car. Elena is hospitalized with tuberculosis, which she caught from her grandmother. Terence brings Bunica in to the hospital and they find out she's afraid of hospitals because of the torture she endured in Romania.

A grateful patient gives Terence a sculpture called "Devil Woman" that he gives to the club. Only Shirl likes it. Esme thinks it's bad luck and Bob and Cookie try to dispose of it in the river -- Esme sees them but, since her glasses are broken, she can't see clearly and thinks two men are dumping a dead body. Frank pulls the statue out of the water and confronts Bob and Cookie. Des Bryant is introduced to Julie Dixon but initially denies that she is his daughter. Kate has trouble forgiving him when she finds out he cheated on her mother but he convinces her that he loves her and her mother dearly. Julie decides to go home to her adopted family and Kate keeps the locket. Des guesses how much Harry cares for Kate and he advises her to trust Harry. Kate blackmails him into considering up jockeying.


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