871 & 872
Original -- Oct 21/22, 1991
Showcase -- Aug 27/28, 1998

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"Unchained Melody"
Cookie and Bob are facing the wrath of Bev Little. Harry and Terence are amazed at the wonderful music coming from Rosemary's flat. They debate whether the composer of the music was J. S. Bach or C. P. Bach (Rosemary confirms that Harry was right -- it was J. S. Bach). Shirley tells them that the musician is Rosemary's son, Robert, who arrived earlier. Rosemary arrives and rushes upstairs to greet her son -- he seems somewhat standoffish but Rosemary is thrilled to see him. He's deeply involved in his music and Rosemary is forced to tell Harry, Kate, Terence, and Shirley that they'll have to meet him later. Grant Fraser arrives late to help Bob with his plumbing work. He's an avid cyclist. Esme tends to Cookie's left eye after he was hit by Bev. Esme doesn't want to get involved in the disagreement between Bob and Cookie and Bev Little, even though the whole fight is over a tree in Esme's garden. After 1 1/2 hours, Robert's organ playing gets tiring on Terence and the clinic patients. Harry remembers seeing and performing with Robert when Robert appeared at Newcastle Uni. Rosemary introduces Robert to Kate and Harry at the Club. Robert doesn't perform anymore but is concentrating on composing. His mother is surprised to learn that he gave a performance last year in Sydney. He's absolutely obsessed with Bach and knows strange trivia about the composer. Esme and Bev bicker. Robert is obsessed with hidden messages in music and poetry. When Harry doesn't take him seriously, he gets angry. When Kate mentions that Rosemary is very proud of him, Robert says "That witch? She's dangerous.", shocking Kate.

Grant finishes up his day with Bob. He wants to pedal the 40 kms home but is suffering from cramping muscles. Rosemary and Robert talk about his medication. He's bought the same wine his dad would have bought (dreadful stuff according Rosemary) and he and Rosemary are getting along just fine. He says he misses his father and they drink a toast to Allan. Frank talks to Cookie about turning the hose on Bev after she stuck a pitchfork in him through the fence. He wants them to deal with the situation themselves. When Bev starts bugging him with it, he threatens her with an automatic telephone exchange (*gasp*). Rosemary gets up during the night to find that the fuse must have blown. Robert has pulled all the fuses out to stop "them" from coming through the power lines ("them" being the ones who left the messages in their music). Terence arrives at the clinic to find there is no power. Rosemary tells him about Robert taking them and admits that Robert has schizophrenia. She had comforted him throughout the night and woke to find that he'd taken off in her car with the fuses. The war between Bev and Esme escalates. Frank comes upon Grant desperately trying to pedal his way to Bob's. He's coughing and doesn't look too good. Frank tries to offer him a lift but he starts walking his bike away. Rosemary rewires the fuses at the clinic as she tells Terence more about her family. Her father had schizophrenia and committed suicide when Rosemary was 18 years old. When Robert was about 5 or 6 years old, she and Allan went to Eritria. Five months later, they got a telegram from Jenny saying "Come home. Robert loopy." Rosemary admits that she was hopeless and left the whole situation to Allan to deal with. When Allan and the psychiatrist believed that Robert was stable, Rosemary and Allan returned to Eritria, where Allan was shot and killed. Robert doesn't talk to her about it. Harry is practicing his golf shots at Camelot when Robert shows up to talk about Bach's messages -- there's one in particular that he can't work out. Harry thinks he's nuts.

Esme cuts down the tree that was offending Bev. It was a 40-year-old cabbage gum that she planted to celebrate the coronation and she's devastated at having to take it down. Harry tells Rosemary and Terence that he saw Robert. Rosemary goes through Robert's luggage and finds no medication. She isn't really surprised -- when he was on meds, he couldn't perform yet he was able to give that performance last year. Grant is in obvious distress at work with Bob and collapses. Cookie finds Robert at the Club, clutching the Club's fuses and cowering by the poker machines. Shirley calls Rosemary who take him home with her. At the hospital, the source of Grant's pain is discovered -- one of his testicles is twisted; Harry also thinks he felt a tumour on it. Esme is being prosecuted for cutting down her tree in violation of "The Preservation Bylaw" (with a fine of $500). Shirl offers to talk to the Council. Esme considers petitioning Telecom for an automatic telephone exchange. Robert thinks he has finally cracked the code. Terence comes in with Robert's meds. Robert doesn't like what the medication does to him and Rosemary won't force him to take them. He has another attack while playing for Rosemary and begins smashing the piano with his chair. Grant's testicle definitely had a tumour on it and the entire testicle has to be removed. A collection is taken up to get Grant a new racing bike. Rosemary wakes up to find Robert shining a flashlight in her face. He can't control himself and begs her to kill him -- he wants to be with his father.

Robert has a severe schizophrenic episode. He bites Rosemary when she tries to restrain him. Shirley and Kate try to teach Luke what schizophrenia is like by talking close to his ear while he is trying to talk to Frank -- he gets the point. Rosemary talks to Terence about Robert. She's afraid of a repeat of her father. She doesn't want him to be committed. Cookie is looking for new recipes to try out on the Wine Growers Association dinner, hosted by J. D. Sebastian. Kate gets health centre information from Shirley in preparation for taking over for Shirley for awhile. Robert has decided he can handle his episode himself and Rosemary races after him. Cookie gets cooking tips from Esme. She tells him about last year's menu -- consomme, baby lobster, quail stuffed with pine nuts, coffee, seasonal fruits, and truffles. Bob and Cookie mistakenly think she means truffles the mushrooms not truffles the yummy chocolates. When they learn that pigs are used to sniff out truffles, they decide to use Ruby. Robert scares townsfolk by ranting and raving along the street. He spits on Rosemary's car, devastating her. A young girl quizzes Kate about keeping babies. When the health centre empties, Kate and Luke find a baby that has been left behind.

Luke is avoiding studying by cleaning everything. Frank comes to investigate the 10-month-old baby. Terence wants to call in Frank to look for Robert. Kate calls all the moms to try to find out if anyone left a baby behind. The little girl, Olivia, comes back and says she's come to get the baby back. She doesn't want to admit that the baby is her little sister. Robert is trying to conduct while standing in the middle of traffic. He is struck by a car as he fumbles around. They take him to the hospital and Rosemary asks Terence to give Robert the meds. Kate discovers that Olivia was jealous of the attention the new baby was getting. Robert tells Rosemary about how it was always "Rosemary and Allan" and "Jenny and Robert". Kate helps Olivia come to terms with her little sister, Ellen. Esme arrives at her house in time to find that Bob and Cookie have cooked up a load of poison magic mushrooms. They'll have to buy some from the deli and it'll cost them an arm and a leg. Esme breaks the news to them that the truffles from last year's meal were chocolate. Olivia's mom arrives and scolds Olivia. Kate has a chat with her about Olivia's feelings. Harry talks to Robert and returns later to play his flute for Robert and get some advice (and spark Robert's musical skills). Terence talks to Robert about his medication. Rosemary tries to tell Robert about her relationship with Allan and she didn't want to leave Robert so many years ago. Cookie knocks the $300 bowl of mushrooms on the floor and Ruby begins eating them. Robert returns to Sydney.


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