859 & 860
Original -- Sep 9/10, 1991
Showcase -- Aug 11/12, 1998

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"Simply the Best"
Russ Thompson, a footie player destined for the big leagues in Sydney, is tackled in a championship game and receives a minor head injury that triggers epileptic seisures. Nick, the guy who tackled him, injures his leg and is hospitalized. He hassles Kate Bryant while there but she gets him back. Russ loses his lucrative contract with the Sydney team. His girlfriend decides she can't handle it and leaves him. Harry and Bob get him a smaller contract with another Sydney team. The Valley prepares for the fete. A pet show is held but is becomes a mockery when Cookie picks Caruso as the winner. Just about everyone is roped into performing in the talent show -- Kate and Harry juggle, Shirl sings, and Lucy does a Carmen Miranda-type act.

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