851 & 852
Original -- Aug 26/27, 1991
Showcase -- Aug 5/6, 1998





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"Beauty and the Beast"
David Bennett, a young man with Tourette's, is in the Valley to bush walk. The town isn't aware of his condition...they just think he's crazy. Elaine Todd, a single mom, and her five-year-old daughter, Daisy, are also in the Valley to camp in the National Park. Elaine gets accidentally knocked unconscious by her open car door and Daisy decides to go for help. Kate and Harry find Elaine and a search is mounted for Daisy. No one wants David to help with the search so he goes out on his own and finds her. They stay in a cabin overnight but in the morning, David is bitten by a snake. They reach the search parties and David is taken to hospital. There the doctors learn of his Tourette's.

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