853 & 854
Original -- Aug 19/20, 1991
Showcase -- Aug 3/4, 1998
Melissa Jaffer (Barbara Kennedy)
Simone Buchanan (Sara Kennedy)
Maggie Millar (Sister Evelyn)
Jeff Truman (Tim Flanagan)
Jane Longhurst (Sgt. Joanne Goodman)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
The scenes where Terence was dealing with Doris's death were very sad and touching.
This episode was dedicated to the memory of Max Tuxford, owner of Doris.
The company that wanted to publish Cookie's memoirs was called Melaleuca Press.

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"As Time Goes By"
Lucy helps Sara Kennedy leave the house for the first time in years.Frank and Shirl are still in Surfer's. Lucy is temporarily taking over for Sue Daley as district health nurse. Sister Evelyn brings the convent's dog, John the 14th, in to Matt. Lucy calls on Barbara Kennedy, who had recently suffered a heart attack. Cookie gets a letter from a publisher interested in his memoirs. Harry has problems with parking tickets. Rosemary loses Cookie's manuscript.

Mrs. Kennedy's daughter, Sara, has been unable to leave the house since shortly after her father hanged himself years ago. Bob arranges for a neighbour, Tim Flanagan, to help out but Sara throws hot water on him through the screen door. Harry and Kate get pulled over by Frank's replacement and Harry gets cited. Bob finds Cookie's manuscript in the sludge pit next to the grease trap.

Mrs. Kennedy collapses in the barn after milking the cow but Sara is unable to leave the house to rescue her. Lucy finds her the next day. Rosemary rewrites Cookie's manuscript from memory. They learn from Perce Hudson that the manuscript is being included in a free collection of "oldtimers stories". Harry discovers he has $1200 worth of unpaid parking tickets in Sydney.

Sara accuses Tim of raping her one night after she babysat his kids. Harry comes to the farm to look at her. Sara never told her mother about the rape because it was only 6 weeks after her father's suicide and she didn't think Barbara could handle it. Sgt. Goodman investigates the situation. Rosemary finds a lump in her breast. She tries keeping it to herself but Kate knows something is up and stays with her. The needle biopsy showed it to be benign. Tim denies all the allegations. Doris is ill. Terence talks to Matt about their fertility options.

Lucy helps Sara leave the house -- she goes to the hospital to tell her mother about the rape. She learns that Barbara saved her clothes from that night and the evidence forces a confession out of Tim. Doris dies after a very long life and Terence writes a moving eulogy for her.


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