851 & 852
Original -- Aug 12/13, 1991
Showcase -- Jul 30/31, 1998
Lisa Hensley (Rhonda Haddon)
Eva DiCesare (Gina Giuliani)
Angelo D'Angelo (Paul Giuliani)
Rouna Daley (Mrs. Jenko)
Sam Boggs (baby Jason)
Jasmin Forbes-Watson (Miss Sparkes)
Elaine Gay (Mrs. Carter)


The company that wanted to publish Cookie's memoirs was Melaleuca Press

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"The Long Goodbye "
Shirley and Frank are at her mother's in Surfer's Paradise. Matt and Lucy have to give the baby back to his mother, Rhonda Haddon. Gina Giuliani has a new job but Paul is unemployed and it's causing them some problems with their love lives. Luke goes to Steve's farm, which is up for sale. Dog attacks an echidna there. Rhonda has trouble with the baby and Lucy thinks she's an unfit mother. Lucy goes to Rhonda's and helps her with Jason.

Cookie is writing his memoirs and gets Rosemary to be his literary consultant. Luke reminisces. He finds Snow's trumpet in the dam, where the robber dropped it. Miss Sparkes, the temporary receptionist at the clinic, likes Harry but ignores Terence completely. Rhonda brings Jason to Lucy and Matt's with a high fever. He has convulsions because of the ear infection-induced fever. Lucy doesn't want to give Jason back. Rosemary deals with a spider in her office. Steve's farm sells quickly, to Ted Campbell, and Luke decides to squat on it. Kate tries to convince him to return with her but he's determined. Lucy has a change of heart when she realizes how much Rhonda loves her baby. Luke tries to pull down Steve's house but Terence stops him. Bob knocks Harry into Simone's tank while trying to shake the spider loose from his broom. The tank is shattered. Lucy and Matt arrange for Rhonda to stay at a Mothercraft home in Sydney. Harry buys Rosemary a new tank for Simone.


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