849 & 850
Original -- Aug 5/6, 1991
Showcase -- Jul 28/29, 1998
Tamblyn Lord (Razor Templeton)
Odile Le Clezio (Gail Nardoni -- the cop)
Cameron Nugent (Mark Young)
Peter Carmody (Clarrie Rossiter)
Sam Boggs (baby Jason)
Predrag Bubalo (Georgie)
John Daniel (waiter)
Michael Ashford (Johnny)
Felino Dolloso (pizza shop assistant)





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"Down Lonely Street"
Luke wanders the streets of Sydney. He meets an old pal, Razor, and stays in Razor's squattor's flat. Lucy and Matt and getting very attached to Jason. Kate finds an injured cat on the golf course..the cat is suffering from tetanus due to a botched neutering operation. She and Harry have dinner with Matt and Lucy and Harry runs out of gas while driving her home.

The following day Harry gives kissing lessons to a nervous young man (Mark Young), turning him, unfortunately, into a Casanova. Frank is in Sydney looking for Luke. Mrs. Prior's odd-jobs man, Clarrie Rossiter, falls for her but decides to "let her down easily" when he decides his pacemaker won't stand the stress of an intimate relationship. Luke takes to drinking. Razor owes money to some heavies and arranges to have Luke mugged to pay them off. Frank enlists the help of a King's Cross police woman to find Luke but Luke tells him to get lost.

It's Census time in Australia and Esme is the designated census taker. She slips on a wet floor at the hospital and sprains her ankle, leaving Harry to deliver the forms for her. Kate gives Lucy and Jason a massage and is conned into giving one to Harry when he arrives at the Tyler house. Esme doesn't want to fill in her census form because she doesn't know who her father is. Razor decides to rob a pizza shop with a fake gun. Luke tries to convince him not to but he goes on his own while Luke is sleeping. The pizza guy chases after him with a big knife and Razor falls off an overpass trying to escape him. Luke picks him up and takes him back to the flat. He phones for help and only comes back to the flat (after it's all over) to retrieve a picture of Steve. Harry and Kate kiss but Kate is scared off when Lucy and Matt return. Frank brings Luke back home. Kate regrets the kiss and continues to turn Harry down.


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