845 & 846
Original -- Jul 22/23, 1991
Showcase -- Jul 22/23, 1998


Without a doubt, this was one of the best death episodes I've ever seen. The scene where Luke finds Steve's lifeless body had me bawling my eyes out. The acting was fabulous and the writing, incidental music, and cinematography were extremely well done.
FYI This is one of my absolute all-time favourite ACP episodes

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"Farewell My Lovely"
Bob and Cookie are away researching Cookie's memoirs. Shirl and Rosemary decide to learn how to clean a carburetor and do a great job of it. Steve is eagerly preparing to leave for 2 weeks in Greece with Chris and Anne. Kate decides to throw her surprise going-away party. It's also Kate's birthday and Harry decides to make the going-away party a birthday party as well.

A family of gypsies arrive in the Valley and try to find a place to park their caravan. Steve agrees to let them camp on her land while one of the boys is recuperating in the hospital from an allergic asthma attack. One of the gypsy women reads Steve's palm and sees that she is going on a long trip and that a young man will be heartbroken at her going on that trip. The youngest woman, Ruth, shoots rabbits for the gypsies to eat. Dave Watson changes his mind about looking after Steve's farm while she's away once he learns of the gypsies staying on her land. When one of his chickens is killed, he decides to make the gypsies pay.

Luke and Kate tell Steve to go for a ride before supper (so that they can set up her party without her knowing). She and Luke have a touching moment where they both say they'll miss each other and hug. Ruth is out hunting rabbits as Steve rides nearby. As Ruth shoots at a rabbit, Steve drops from her horse, Ricky, as he rears up. She hits the ground and doesn't move. Ruth runs home in fright. Luke comes looking for Steve when she's late for her party and finds her lying on the ground, eyes wide open and unmoving. He is grief-stricken. Matt discovers that Ricky's been shot and suspicion falls on Ruth. Dave Watson gathers up some friends and they torch the gypsy caravan. Frank and Luke discover that Dave was the one who accidentally shot Ricky out from under Steve, when he fired a warning shot over Ruth's head. Dave is arrested. Luke takes Steve's death very badly and he leaves Wandin Valley to return to the streets of Sydney.


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