835 & 836
Original -- Jun 17/18, 1991
Showcase -- Jul 8/9, 1998
Drew Forsyth (Noel Lewis)
Kieren Parker (Josh Lewis)
Jan Adele (Mrs. Howie)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
Louise Cullen (Julia Wilcox - the sales rep)
Barry Shepherd (Keith Webb)



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"Off the Rails"
Matt brings a pregnant collie named Princess to his surgery to perform a caesarian section and discovers that she has kennel cough. Local math teacher, Noel Lewis, sees Terence for sleeplessness. Luke is still grieving. Lucy is supposed to present ribbons at the Wandin Valley Dog Show but is not allowed to after Princess's owner, Mrs. Howie, spreads malicious gossip that Matt's surgery is infected with kennel cough.

Shane "Spider" Webb goes missing and his friend, Josh Lewis (Noel's son) is questioned. Josh clashes with his father, who is an emotionally abusive alcoholic, and rebels by trashing a classroom at the school. Matt is vindicated when a puppy purchased from Mrs. Howie also comes down with kennel cough. Harry has been using abbreviations on patient files and gets into trouble when Esme tells Herb Monro about the mysterious code on his file. Herb's code was BIBT, which Harry used to mean "Brain in Big Toe", and Harry has to come up with another meaning to give to a worried Herb.

Josh drinks himself into a stupor in the lodge and is found by Luke and Steve. He eventually confesses that Spider was killed while they were horsing around on the railroad tracks. Rosemary confronts Noel Lewis about his alcoholism after Josh is brought in. Cookie unknowingly agrees to loan his residence to an environmental products sales representative, thinking she wanted to meet him for a date. She gets him to become a rep himself. Luke goes for a walk and Matt, Lucy, Steve, Harry, and Kate go after him. Harry talks to Luke about a patient he lost and Luke starts coming out of his grief. Josh and Noel begin to get along. Matt and Lucy decide to go camping on the next long weekend.


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