833 & 834
Original -- Jun 10/11, 1991
Showcase -- Jul 6/7, 1998
Nadine Garner (Donna Hume)
Vanessa Downing (Fiona Farrell)
Colin Taylor (Archie Hamill)
Redmond Phillips (Trevor Flood)
Georgie Goldstein (Sister Sandra Williams)
Shane McNamara (Dezzy)



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"For the Good Times"
Esme is back from her herbal course. Fiona Farrell's dog get sick and Matt urges euthenasia. Fiona won't consider it but the dog dies anyway. Luke is expecting a visitor -- Donna Hume, his old girlfriend from his days on the streets in Sydney. They were separated when Luke came to Wandin Valley and she went into treatment for drugs and pathological jealousy. Money goes missing at the club and Donna is suspected at first. They later find out that town drunk Archie Hamill "borrowed" it. Luke doesn't see Donna's bad side but she rubs everyone else the wrong way. Steve doesn't like her at all.

Donna slips some acid into Luke's coffee and he is taken to the hospital by Steve and Kate after being found wandering the road. Harry explains the details of new medicare funding and drugs to an elderly patient, Trevor Flood, who eventually takes the wrong dosage of his medication in his confusion. Cookie gets a box of live snails instead of ready-to-go escargot and decides to hold snail races -- he bets heavily on his entry and loses. Donna's jealousy gets worse and she tries to kill Kate with a scalpel at the hospital. She flees, takes more acid, and attacks Steve with a pickaxe. While struggling with Matt and Frank, she collapses and is rushed to hospital. She dies anyway and Luke takes it badly, thinking that his friends are glad she died.


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