831 & 832
Original -- Jun 3/4, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 2/3, 1998
Joy Miller (Linda Shelley)
Bill Conn (Alec Wharton)
Kristina Nehm (Libby Thomas)
The whole accident scene was well done and realistic but my favourite scenes were the ones having to do with Lucy's catalogue troubles



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"Beyond Doubt"
Steve has mouse problems. She hires Cookie, then Bob (along with Cuddles the snake) to help her when Lionel, her cat, fails to live up to his duty...none of them are much help. Matt finally gives Lionel an injection of hormones (Lionel's own supply hadn't been sufficient since his neutering) and Lionel gets rid of the mouse problem. Harry is overly eager to begin doing his own surgeries, instead of being the anaesthetist.

Matt finds a catalogue of Lucy's -- Community Aide Abroad. She bets Matt he can't last 24 hours under third world conditions. If she wins, she gets to buy all the stuff she wants from the catalogue. The trick is that she's already bought the stuff. Matt eventually gives in, because it's a good cause, and doesn't mind that she's already bought (and given away most of!) the stuff. He gets a set of bongo drums for his troubles.

Linda Shelley returns to Wandin Valley, and drops the bombshell that she's engaged. She drinks too much wine at Camelot and then drives away distraught. Her purse gets caught under the brake pedal and she flips the car trying to extract it. Harry and Kate come upon the crash on their way to an acupuncture seminar in Burrigan. Linda's left hand is trapped under the brake pedal -- it's almost severed and she's losing a lot of blood. Harry decides to amputate, both because of the bleeding and because the car could explode from the petrol leak.

Terence is shocked and blames Harry for amputating when there must have been another option. Harry and Rosemary don't understand why he's so upset until Shirl arrives and tells them about Terence and Linda's previous relationship. When Linda's fiance, Alec, arrives and starts blaming Harry, Terence is forced by Rosemary, Frank, and ultimately duty to admit that Harry did the best he could in horrible circumstances.

Luke convinces Matt to accept a student, Libby, on work experience. Libby is very intelligent but nervous about practical stuff (she gets sick to her stomach) -- Luke gets a bit jealous. Linda tries to push Alec away but he persists and brings her letters from former patients. Bob attends an environmental conference and installs an Enviro-Safe grease trap in the Club (officially making Cookie a "greenie"). Harry decides to leave Wandin Valley because of the tensions in the hospital but Terence has a change of heart and convinces him to stay.


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