829 & 830
Original -- May 27/28, 1991
Showcase -- May 30/Jun 1, 1998
Shauna O'Grady (Helen Cook)
Maureen Green (Janice Wallace)
Katy Edwards (Hannah Wallace)
Troy O'Hearn (Ben Wallace)
Barry Donnelly (Larry Sparks)



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"Facts of Life"
Frank, Shirley, and Terence go for a sail on a 40-foot sloop. Terence gets seasick and the captain, Helen Cook, gets struck by a boom and knocked out. A twelve-year-old boy, Ben, brings his twin sister Hannah into the hospital after her arthritis kicks in again and she takes too much aspirin and codeine to counteract the pain. Kate has problems dealing with Hannah as it brings back memories of nursing her niece, Sasha, while Sasha was dying of leukemia. Luke is torn between working for Matt, helping out on Steve's farm, and doing his HSC studies. He decides to give up school but Steve promises to let up on him if he stays in school. Terence considers not finishing his yacht but, once on dry land with the memories of his seasickness well behind him, decides to take sailing lessons once Helen recovers. Kate feels she has to resign since she can't work with children. Ben is not happy at the preferential treatment Hannah is getting. He pushes her wheelchair and it hits a tea trolley, spilling boiling water over Hannah. He's heartbroken over over hurting her and she doesn't want to see him. Frank moons over a boat, a cruiser. Fatso becomes ill and Matt struggles to save him -- Luke discovers that Fatso's been digging into the neighbour's yard and eating snail pellets. Cookie is barred from the racetrack for bringing a battery from his electric shaver into the track. Hannah is upset over getting her first period and Kate offers comfort. Harry has a chat with Ben about the injustice of girls growing up faster than boys. Kate decides to stay at the hospital and Hannah forgives Ben.

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