827 & 828
Original -- May 20/21, 1991
Showcase -- May 26/29, 1998
Nell Feeney (Roxanne Hartley)
Matt Kay (Barry James Carlos)
Sal Sharah (Ray Hill)
Huw Ellis (Hedley Johnson)



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"Hot and Cold"
Luke takes Steve's ute in for repairs and offers to help the panel beater, Barry Carlos, if he'll do it right away. He discovers that Barry is fixing up stolen cars for Ray Hill, a shady car dealer in Burrigan. Cookie shows off his new cool room and he and Rosemary inadvertently get locked in it when she returns to find her missing wallet. Roxanne Hartley, Harry's girlfriend from Sydney, unexpectedly arrives in Wandin Valley. They had agreed to take a break from each other and see other people but she thinks she's pregnant. It turns out she's just exercising too much. Ray Hill and his "associates" beat up Barry after Luke lets it slip that Barry wants out. Barry's been keeping a diary, though, and hides it in the back of Steve's ute before they beat him up. Ray leaves his german shepherd in the yard to guard things. Luke and Frank discover Barry locked in the trunk of one the cars and Matt has to tranquilize the dog in order for them to get inside the yard. Cookie and Rosemary teach each other while waiting to be rescued -- Rosemary teaches Cookie proper grammar and Cookie teaches Rosemary Aussie slang. Roxanne goes for a run with Kate after drinking all night and neglects to drink water or wear a hat -- she is hospitalized with hyperthermia (heatstroke). Steve picks up her ute and is followed by Ray Hill, who is in search of the diary. Frank becomes attached to Ray's dog, who has been mistreated by his trainer. Lucy and Matt look after Hedley Johnson, who's diabetic mother is hospitalized for a leg ulcer. They become very attached to him and decide to become his "aunt and uncle". Ray knocks Steve out and then holds her hostage when Frank and Luke arrive at the farm. Steve punches him in the stomach and Frank arrests him. At the jail, Ray tries to take Frank's gun and the dog is shot in the struggle. Frank is upset because the dog saved his life by attacking Ray as they were struggling. Roxanne and Harry decide to break up but remain friends.

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