825 & 826
Original -- May 13/14, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 24/25, 1998
Michelle Pettigrove (Kate Bryant)
Tanya Bulmer (Rowie Cooper)
Kristy Butcher (Lynette Cooper)
Ron Stephenson (Tiger Kelly)
Martyn Clapp (Joe Phelps)



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"Gift of Life"
Harry falls for a strange woman on the golf course. Steve almost hits a horse (Lightning) that wanders across the road. She discovers a 15-year-old girl (Lynette Copper) has been single-handedly running the farm and living in squalor after the farm manager, Joe Phelps, goes off on a bender. Shirl comes back from her mother's and is hospitalized with pneumonia. Harry hits himself on the head with a golf ball and finds out at the hospital that the strange woman is the new sister -- Kate Bryant.

Lynette's sister, Rowie, arrives after breaking out of a juvenile facility. Shirley is stressed out over her mother. Luke gets after Frank for contributing to the stress and Frank offers to bring his mother-in-law down to live with them. Shirl's mom has other ideas. Harry milks his visit as a patient for all it's worth. Rowie wants to run away with Lynette. Lynette goes to round up cattle and Lightning is spooked by a snake, throwing her. She damages one of her kidneys and the other is shriveled and useless.

Ultimately, Rowie offers one of her kidneys, even though it means she has to turn herself in. Tiger Kelly gets out of jail and is mad at Cookie because Cookie's fumigating caused the termites to emigrate to Tiger's mother-in-law's house. He terrorizes them and then drives a truck through Bob's house, getting arrested again in the process. Homeless, Bob and Cookie decide to rent Esme's empty house. Harry starts avoiding Steve and decides he'll have to move out of her farm. Kate meets Joe Phelps, who finally returns. She insists on getting Matt to look at Lightning and when Joe finds out what it will cost to fix the broken bone, he decides to shoot Lightning. Kate gives him the cost of a box of bullets and takes possession of the horse, giving Matt a cheque for the cost of treatment. Harry talks to Terence and ends up moving into Camelot. Steve offers Kate the empty room at the farm.


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