823 & 824
Original -- May 6/7, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 22/23, 1998
Michael Watson (Trevor Jackson)
Don Reid (Dave Watson)
Adam Cockburn (Ian Watson)
Reg Cribb (Brad Locker)
Greg Iverson (Roy Bean - the other hunter)
Faye Donaldson (Patty Chater)
Caitlin Kelly (Melody Bower - a young hospital patient in part 2)
The books that Cookie never were returned were 3 copies of "So You Want to Be a Millionaire"
Esme's grade 1 class was the class of 1927. There were 7 students in that class.

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"The Hunt"
Ian Watson, a young boy, helps return recovered animals to the wild with Luke and Trevor Jackson. The tax man is in the Valley and Cookie is nervous. Dave Watson, Ian's father, is hard up for money and places an ad in a city paper for experienced hunters to come to his farm to help cull kangaroos. The hunters arrive with plenty of beer, a crossbow, and a deer to liven up the hunt. Harry is trying to avoid Sister Williams. Patty Chater, a very talkative patient, has to be operated on after she swallows a thermometer. Ian lets the deer loose and one of the hunters, Brad Locker, decides to go into the National Park after it. Ian goes after them and is accidentally shot. Esme helps Cookie do his taxes and finds out that he's owed $500 -- unfortunately, he also has some overdue library books (3 copies of "So You Want to be a Millionaire") and, after 16 years, the fines amount to $500. Steve makes her feelings for Harry obvious to him, making him uncomfortable. After Ian is saved by his Dad, Luke, and Tervor, the hunter is arrested. Dave decides to buy the deer and donate it to a wildlife park. Ian changes his mind about going to live with his mother. Esme thinks she's having a heart attack but it's only stress caused by the death of a friend. She is the last survivor of her grade 1 class and feeling her age. She tries to resign as pink lady but when Rosemary says she'll replace her with Ivy Clements, Esme makes a remarkable recovery.

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