821 & 822
Original -- Apr 29/30, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 18/19, 1998
Sandy Gore (Meg Cullen)
Marion Edwards (Desdemona Deagher)
Roslyn Oades (Tracy Dodds)
Lawrence Brand (Ernest Wells)
Keveena Quinn (the baby)
Georgie Goldstein (Sandra Williams)

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"Price of Love"
Matt comes across a young pregnant woman, Tracy Dodds, as she is walking from Burrigan. He takes her to the hospital where she is admitted by Harry because of the swelling in her ankles. Steve is hung up on Harry and Luke is frustrated by it. Rosemary finds a donkey in her garden. The donkey bites her after she dresses its wound. She turns it over to Matt. After some argument, Matt agrees to let Lucy keep the animal but they find out it belongs to the Burrigan Musical Society....Mr. Wells from the Society comes to claim Oscar.

Mrs. Deagher, an actress with the Society, is hospitalized by Terence, where they discover she is suffering from mercury poisoning caused by 20 years of using a facial bleaching creme. Harry tries to pass Tracy over to Terence but is forced to keep her as his patient. He looks down on obstetrics as a specialty (not as lucrative as cosmetic surgery) until he delivers Tracy's baby. Tracy's "mother", Meg Cullen, had shown up before labour was induced and the hospital staff finds out that Tracy entered into a contract to "sell" her baby to Meg, her former employer, in return for $25,000. After the baby's born, Tracy changes her mind. The baby boy is born with a club foot and will require much surgery.

Cookie decides to hold a 20's-style dinner dance. Steve hopes that Harry will ask her to go with him. Both Luke and Steve talk to Matt about their respective crushes. Meg steals the baby but returns him the next morning. She isn't charged and Tracy ultimately gives her the baby, because Meg can afford the surgery. Meg and Tracy come to a compromise where the baby will know both of them. Cookie wants to sell yabby meals at the dinner dance and contracts Luke to catch the yabbies at 50 a head -- Bob isn't happy to be undercut so he gives Luke bad instructions for catching them. Esme comes to Luke's rescue and he catches 32. No one eats them, though, because Lucy, Esme, Bob, and Matt have named them all. Harry asks a nurse at the hospital, Sandra Williams, to the dance and, heartbroken, Steve decides to stay home. Luke comes back for her, though, bearing a corsage, and convinces her to go anyway. Their grand entrance draws appreciative looks and Harry realizes how pretty Steve is, much to Luke's chagrin.


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