817 & 818
Original -- Apr 22/23, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 16/17, 1998
My favourite line? At the end of the 2nd episode, when Rosemary vows to give Cookie a "quick bowel resection without anaesthetic" for having messed with the raffle draw.
The winning tickets in the raffle draw were:

Blue C71 -- 1st prize (an overseas holiday)
Yellow C9 -- 2nd prize (the XL something...aka an axolotl)
Green C71 -- 3rd prize (a year of club meals)

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"Polly Had a Dolly"
Matt inspects some of Steve's cows -- one has pink eye but two have small carcinomas on their eyes. Steve is still besotted with Harry and Luke is jealous. Esme talks to Frank about Ivy Clements standing for president of the Bowls Club. She has organized a raffle -- 3rd prize is one year of free meals at the club, 2nd prize is an XL something or other (a sports car, according to Esme), and 1st prize is an overseas holiday. She's also organized a tournament for novice bowlers. Terence and Rosemary butt heads over the running of the hospital and discussion turns to a letter she wrote (as "Mother Tongue") to the editor of the Burrigan Examiner regarding the editor's use of dangling participles. In this issue of the newspaper, "Voice of the People" has responded to her letter from last Monday. Esme asks Frank and Rosemary to pair up for the novice tournament (Shirl's away with her sick mother at the Gold Coast).

Young Polly Dalton has a bit of a temperature. Terence examines Polly and thinks she's fine now. Steve gets a letter from Anne in Melbourne. Esme asks Harry to partner Terence in the tournament. Phillip brings Polly in to the hospital unconscious. Esme grows distraught over the competition with Ivy -- Ivy has told her she'll "bury her" after Esme tried out the president's parking spot. Frank and Rosemary go splits on a book of raffle tickets. Phillip Dalton doesn't think Terence is competent and starts looking up other doctors in the yellow pages. His mom, Dot, thinks Polly is just acting up a bit -- Phillip tells her he blames her for Polly's mother leaving him. Esme tries to teach Rosemary to bowl. Frank's been reading up and gives her pointers, causing her to mis-bowl, interfering with the game next to them. Rosemary moves a ball, causing Frank to trip while pitching -- the ball arcs through the air and pounds the target ball into the ground.

Matt wants to check Georgia, Anne Brennan's pet cow (a Guernsey) for cancer (she has pink eye). Mrs. Dalton goes to the hospital and talks to Lucy about how Polly hasn't been well since her mother left and Phillip and Polly moved in with Dot. Terence thinks Polly's problem may be psychological. Ivy talks to Frank about Esme's accusations and Esme arrives in time to accuse Ivy of corruption of public officials because of a private dinner she had in the council chambers with the very married Alf Muldoon. Ivy is shocked. Polly arrives back in hospital via ambulance...Dot found her blue and stiff with her eyes rolled back in her head. Phillip accuses Terence of not looking after her. Phillip has a surprising degree of medical knowledge. Polly was sick a number of times in Sydney. Matt has determined that Georgia has an advanced case of cancer and he wants to put her down -- Steve insists he go ahead and try to remove the eye instead. Polly's tests are clear so they decide to go for a lumbar puncture.

The raffle tickets are drawn by Matt. Rosemary and Frank win first and second prizes and decide to split them, with Rosemary taking the XL whatever and Frank taking the trip. They find out they have to collect their prizes from Cookie when he returns from his trip. Polly resists the lumbar puncture, which turns out clear anyway. Harry puts his foot in his mouse by slagging off Terence within Terence's hearing. Polly's CAT scan is also normal and Dot worries that Polly will be sent home. Rosemary and "Voice of the People" duke it out via letters to the editor...Rosemary later discovers that Frank is "Voice..." and vice versa. Phillip thinks all the hospital staff are incompetent, especially after Terence thinks the cause of Polly's illness is stress. He wants Polly released. Polly loses consciousness while in the hospital and Dot is the only one near her at the time, putting her under suspicion.

Terence has to intubate Polly and Phillip is frantic. Cookie calls with the news that the airline that was providing the trip has gone into liquidation so the holiday is off. Frank and Rosemary bicker. Dot talks to Lucy about Polly, asking odd questions about how much medication is too much for a child. Lucy passes her suspicions on to Terence and Harry. Terence decides to do some blood screenings and talks to Phillip about it -- Phillip tells Dot to stay away from Polly. Luke has a cold and Frank recommends a little theatrical license in feigning a life-or-death illness to attract Steve's attention. Ivy has frightened off most of Esme's entries in the bowls tournament. In desperation, Esme employs the "wounded soldier strategy" to convince Frank to partner Rosemary, despite their differences of opinion.

Dot gathers up all the drugs in the house and takes them to the hospital. Polly tests positive for a veritable cocktail of drugs, including paracetimol, promethezine, and benzo diazapine (sp?), all obivously administered since she was admitted to the hospital. Matt hears about Luke being sick and thinks Luke is just goofing off -- Lucy convinces him to take some homemade lentil soup to Luke. When he gets there, he learns that Luke isn't really that sick and he gets angry. The bowls tournament gets off to a bad start. Frank and Rosemary are losing their game due to their constant bickering. Esme recommends a drive to knock all the opponents shot bowls (this would win them the tournie). It's Rosemary's turn and she makes it. At the hospital, Terence talks to Dot about the test results and Dot breaks down in tears and suffers an anxiety attack. He talks to her again after she's recovered -- she wants to show him the pills in her purse but he's already seen them. She tells him all about Phillip, that he's the one who's been giving Polly the pills. He had a first wife, too, who also left him, taking their two children with her because of his problems. Phillip fills a syringe with medication and attempts to inject it into Polly but is stopped in time. He flees.

Luke decides to fix a mirror over the fireplace, to win Steve's favour, but instead ends up knocking bricks out the fireplace. When he tries to inspect the damage, the entire fireplace frontpiece and mantel fall off. Harry arrives just then and magnanimously offers to keep Steve occupied at the club while Luke fixes everything. Esme wins the election, 93 votes to Ivy's 87, and they learn that Ivy was the winner of the 3rd prize at the raffle. Frank goes looking for Phillip. Terence talks to Dot about Phillip, who was adopted by the Daltons when he was 6 years old. He tells her he thinks Phillip is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, an psychological illness where sufferers are driven to cause real illness in others in order to be the centre of attention.

Rosemary's XL something arrives -- and it's called Simone. They're shocked to learn it isn't a sports car at all but is a Mexican walking fish, also known as an axolotl. Rosemary swears vengeance on Cookie. Dot tries to talk to Phillip at the police station but he doesn't seem to care. Luke finally gets everything back into place but can't resist taking one last tap with the hammer, causing more bricks to fall out. Rosemary brings Simone to the hospital and vows to something nasty to Cookie.


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