817 & 818
Original -- Apr 15/16, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 12/15, 1998
Andrew Blackman (Harry Morrison)
Mary-Ann Henshaw (Julie Goodall)
Neil Modra (Peter Goodall)
Colin Taylor (Archie Hamill)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)

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"Bigger Than Texas"
Terence awaits the arrival of his new partner (at least for 3 months or so). Judy Goodall finds out she's pregnant but doesn't tell her husband Pete because he's busy with their orchards and milk run business. Frank and Matt play golf and encounter a young man named Harry who interrupts their game, getting on the wrong side of Frank. In the parking lot of the golf course, Frank tickets Harry for his van ("Old Nelly") being in disrepair. Lucy's kitchen is ransacked and she's thinks it's ghosts (but it turns out to be a possum and her baby). Steve meets Harry while he is hitchhiking and they go to the club where he wins money challenging people to snooker games. Rosemary turns out to have great snooker skills herself and takes him down. Everyone learns that Harry is Terence's new partner and Terence isn't impressed. Harry deals with Esme, Herb Munro, and Terence on his first day at the clinic. Esme invites him to stay at Camelot but has to tell him no once Terence finds out. Pete has a stroke while picking oranges.

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