815 & 816
Original -- Apr 8/9, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 10/11, 1998
Lewis Fitz-Gerald (Tony Harvey)
Ken Radley (Glenn Harvey)
Sascha Huckstepp (Janine Dillon)





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"Family Business"
Steve takes in a new lodger, Janine Dillon, only to be robbed by her the next day. Bob and Cookie try to use the hospital morgue to store large amounts of gemfish cleopatra but are caught in the act by Rosemary and Frank. Terence finds out his cholesterol is high and is put on a diet by Rosemary (with Esme's help). Glenn Harvey, who runs a communal farm, is put in hospital for a ruptured cyst on his lung. His brother, Tony, who was up from the city to convince him to return, takes over running the farm while his brother is laid up. After Glenn is released, he agrees to go Sydney only if they can make the commune a self-sufficient going concern before he leaves. Tony suffers a heart attack while working and dies in hospital. Glenn's father comes to the valley to convince Glenn to return to the family business.

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