813 & 814
Original -- Apr 1/2, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 8/9, 1998
Eva Di Cesare (Gina Giuliani)
Angelo D'Angelo (Paul Giuliani)
Lorren Cruickshank (Kerry Holmes)
David Wood (Dr. John Smythe - anaesthetist)

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"Out of Africa"
A major bout of food poisoning (due to bad fish) affects most of the townsfolk after a wedding. This episode also heralds the arrival of the new Director of Nursing, Rosemary Prior. She gets on the wrong side of many people because of her curt and officious manner and her extraordinary concern about the waste of supplies and water, things that were in short supply in her previous work in Africa. Lucy helps keep the newlyweds from breaking up and Frank, originally thought to have food poisoning like everyone else, is diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Luke moves in with Steve (as a lodger), much to his delight. Terence succombs to food poisoning and exhaustion during Frank's operation and Rosemary has to take over. Kerry Homes goes into labour while Terence is laid up and Rosemary safely delivers the baby. Luke is bitten by a (non-poisonous) snake. Esme loses a $3000 budgie from Matt's surgery but the budgie is later found.

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