811 & 812
Original -- Mar 25/26, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 4/5, 1998
Susan Leith (Helen)
Ross Hall (Andy)

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"Such Sweet Sorrow"
Dr. Kouros deals with a dying young cancer patient, Helen Johnson, who wants to end her life right away and wants his help. Cookie and Bob buy a car, thinking that it was used in a bank heist and there might be money in the vehicle (as the robbery money was never found...and neither was the bank manager -- turns out, though, that the car belonged to the local chiropractor). Anne tries to give a talk to the Brownie troop but is too boring. She and Jessie have a good talk about the budding relationship between Anne and Jessie's father (Cris Kouros). Helen Johnson returns home and kills herself with an overdose of barbituates, implicating Dr. Kouros in a letter left behind for her husband, Andy. Dr. Kouros is ultimately cleared but he and Anne decide to move to Melbourne anyway, since his reputation is marred in Wandin Valley.

Complete details coming much later (when this ep is rerun on Showcase TV in Canada). Please check back.


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