809 & 810
Original -- Mar 18/19, 1991
Showcase -- Jun 2/3, 1998

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"Doctors in Love"

Linda's daughter, 17-year-old Jane, arrives. She seems to have an "artistic temperament", given to extreme moodiness, but it soon becomes obvious that something more is wrong. Terence thinks she needs psychiatric help and refuses to have any part in the whole situation, effectively breaking it off with Linda. It is later discovered that Jane has a disease called porphyria, a metabolic disorder. Linda and Jane return to Sydney for treatment for Jane.

It's Frank and Shirley's 8th anniversary and they each make secret plans for a surprise dinner. They each find out about the other's plans and cancel their own in order to not upset the other. So they end up with no plans at all. Luke organizes a party for them at Matt and Lucy's. At the party Cris announces that he has convinced Stephanie to hang on for another few months without him, that way he and Anne can have more time together. Cookie wins $20,000 on a scratch ticket and ends up paying off his debt to bookie Shorty and then gives the rest to his sister Coralie because her "mongrel" husband has run out on her and the kids again. Bob thinks he blew the money at the track.

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