807 & 808
Original -- Mar 11/12, 1991
Showcase -- May 29/Jun 1, 1998

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"Wrong 'Un"

Luke's car, the Dream Machine, is stolen and later found abandoned in a ditch, completely stripped of parts. Terence and Linda Shelley go on a picnic and she convinces him to go skinny dipping. While they are in the water, their clothes and food are eaten by a goat. They end up having to use the blanket and table cloth to cover themselves up with. They try to sneak back into Camelot but Esme spots them. Terence finds out that Linda has a daughter and that she's coming to town. Cris has been to Melbourne to see Stephanie and things are very bad. Stephanie phones Cris all the time, often at the hospital, putting pressure on him to move back. He decides he must but he and Anne declare their love for one another. They kiss (at last!).

Complete details coming much later (when this ep is rerun on Showcase TV in Canada). Please check back.


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