805 & 806
Original -- Mar 4/5, 1991
Showcase -- May 27/28, 1998

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"Flying High"
Luke goes up for his first real flight in a small plane and is upset when it causes him to vomit. It's Luke's 19th birthday and Shirley and Frank give him flying lessons with the same fella, Pete McDonald, who took him up the first time. Pete develops an interest in Steve that is returned. He takes her on a picnic and invites Luke along at the last minute. They go for a plane ride and spot a marijuana field from the air. Pete feigns engine problems and lands nearby. He sends Steve and Luke away to walk home, while he "fixes the engine". They come back when they hear shots fired to find that Pete's been hit. Luke has to fly them home. At the hospital they learn that Pete has been making a career of finding marijuana crops from his plane and then stealing it. Steve is not happy to learn this. Cris is worried about his sister Stephanie, who is not coping well with their father and her baby. Cris is considering going to Melbourne permanently to help her. Cris and Anne are getting closer. Terence is getting interested in Linda Shelley, the new Occupational Therapist.

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